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As our knowledge base grows across the full range of CBD medical and recreational uses of cannabis, there is no faster-growing market sector than products for man (and woman) best friend. Our pets can benefit from the comfort and medical cannabis.

Today we meet with Chelsea Gennings, the Vice President and co-founder of Pet Releaf, a leader in the pet industry's efforts to make CBD and other cannabinoids available to our family members.

Pet Releaf is the first CBD company to have been certified by the US Hemp Agency (USHA). The company has also taken a leadership role in the hemp industry and is the only pet-owned CBD company on the board of directors of the US Hemp Roundtable that has funded the USHA certification program. This is to ensure that our pets are offered only top quality products.

Pet Releaf has developed human-quality products with proven positive results for animals, using the entire hemp plant, extracting the oil with a supercritical CO2 process, and producing products from natural and biological ingredients. The effects that pets can have on pets include: improving quality of life, reducing stress in pets, and reducing joint pain.

Below, in my interview with Chelsea Gennings, go behind the scenes of Pet Releaf, whose core principles are to develop and manufacture truly healthy CBD pet products with honesty and integrity.

What makes Pet Releaf products so unique?

Pet Releaf's biggest differentiator and the reason we lead the industry is that we make hemp products specifically for pets and with these criteria in mind. Our hemp is grown and won in a way that is safest for our four-legged friends, and we stick to the US hemp authority. Not only do we grow our own hemp species with extremely low levels of THC, but we take extra care at every step of our manufacturing process and take additional steps to ensure the safety of our pets.

What inspired the founders of Pet Releaf?

Unfortunately, every pet parent has to watch their four-legged friends go through the final stages of their lives, and that's what seed planted for us. Our family dog ​​Mattie was suffering from arthritis towards the end of her life, and it was heartbreaking to see how she endured the pain. The most annoying thing was that there were no alternatives to the drugs offered by the veterinarians. When we saw her suffer so much, the light bulb went out and we knew we needed to find a better way. We have made it our mission to change the meaning of pet health.

What is something we would be surprised to learn about Pet Releaf?

In the whole office we nibble on our edibites and boom bars!

Which new products are you looking forward to?

In early 2020, several new product lines will hit the market to meet the growing needs of pet owners and the industry as a whole. We have just introduced two new products: our Boom Bars and our special edition of the Barking Dog Collection Edibites®.

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<p> Boom bars are protein bars for dogs. The hemp protein supplement bars are an excellent source of hemp seed protein and contain all nine essential amino acids. Like every Pet Releaf product, boom bars have been designed for a specific purpose. From active puppies to older dogs, there is a boom-bar option that caters to each dog's individual needs. Pet Releaf Boom Bars are man-made, all-natural and 100% safe. </p>
<p> The Edibites Barking Dog Special Collection is a natural daily CBD supplement for full-spectrum dogs. Dedicated to American artist Keith Haring, the collection is developed in collaboration with Plant Alchemy, whose world-class botanical products are made to celebrate the diversity of plants for the health and well-being of the world. Pet Releaf and Plant Alchemy will use the Barking Dog Collection to raise animal awareness and sponsor events that help animal shelters across the country help their mission. </p>
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What are your hopes for the importance of alternative health and wellness products for pets?

People are becoming more and more open to alternative medicines for themselves and ultimately for their pets. The fact that people are even starting to look for alternative options is a good sign! I warn people to do their research when it comes to a supplement (for themselves or their pets), because supplement companies, like food companies, may not always be honest about what's in their products and where it comes from. I urge people to do their research.

What are some great pet Christmas gifts from Pet Releaf?

The Keith Haring Edibetes and the Boom Bars make a great Christmas present for pets. Even 10-pack vegan hemp oil capsules are ideal as a stocking filler. Of course, our hemp oils are a great gift for dogs and cats.

Are there any misunderstandings that you would like to clarify about the role of hemp or CBD in the health and wellbeing of a pet?

The biggest misunderstanding we see in the pet world regarding hemp products is that it is THC-free to ensure safety for dogs and cats. That's just not true. Yes, THC levels must be extremely low and almost undetectable, but a full THC product will prevent the entourage effect and ultimately result in a less effective product. If you grow from a true cannabis strain, a dog or cat never gets a high level. When people play with growing marijuana hemp hybrids, the risk of a higher THC end product is possible. That's why our proprietary cannabis strain (PR-33) is a true cannabis strain to make sure we never risk these THC levels being too high.

Hemp is one of nature's best sources of plant protein. Unlike soya, hemp does not contain enzyme inhibitors and phytates, so the entire spectrum of 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids, can easily be absorbed by the body. The hemp plant also contains significant amounts of essential fatty acids – omega 3 and omega 6 – in a ratio of 1: 4, which is praised by large health organizations as a magical ratio for healthy performance. Hemp also contains Super Omega – Stearidonic Acid (SDA) and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA).

My dogs have benefited greatly from Pet Releaf products. They would be very upset and angry when it thundered outside, which is common in Tampa, Florida. With Pet Releaf products, they can live a fuller, healthier and less nervous life. Do you have personal stories or anecdotes about Pet Releaf products that you would like to share?

We have countless stories about pets that, through our products, can lead a full, healthy and rich life. A story came from Callie's parents. Callie is a chronic itch, and in the summer she scratched harshly under her neck and on her chest. Her owner tried to apply an antibiotic ointment, but she licked it and it was not good for her, so they tried our Canna Care, which has a nice menthol smell to make her smell really good, and it did allowed to get some of it relief from the pain while she was healing.

Another recent story comes from Ariel's 14-year-old parent, who had problems seeing Ariel grow old. She knew that her duty was to dignify her age and to keep her as comfortable and happy as possible. In conjunction with analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs and joint supplements, Ariel's mother used hemp oil and chewed edibites. Chewing tastes like pizza (if you know Ariel, then you know how much she loves pizza) and is easy to take along on her walks and walks. In her remaining years she was able to remain relatively painless and active.

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<p> Personally, I have an 8-year-old chihuahua mix called Pepper, and Chihuahua are known to be worried. Well, Pepper hated the car. She kept trembling even when she was in my lap, no matter what I did. When we started the company and I gave her CBD, it was day and night. She still may not like the car, but when I give her some Edibites 30 minutes before a car ride, she does not shiver anymore. The physical impact of this fear will be reduced from level 8 to level 2 if I give her Pet Releaf. </p>
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