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You are looking for high quality CBD oils at reasonable prices? CBDistillery may be exactly the brand you are looking for.

fair pricing with high quality .

This is where CBDistillery comes into play. This Colorado-based CBD brand has been in operation since 2016. The most established CBD manufacturer in the world.

In this complete test, we introduce you to some of our top products from the CBDistillery product line. We will conduct our research on the transparency practices and laboratory results of the company and our findings on their customer service and user experience [19459002teilen]

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CBDestillery Products

About CBDestillery

The founders of CBDestillery believe that "people have a right to high quality, low cost, in the US cultivated CBD products from hemp. "When they saw that the CBD market was increasingly filled with overpriced, inferior products, they decided to do something about it.

As a result, CBDistillery was born. Since its inception in 2016, it has become one of the fastest growing brands in the market. The brand has undergone numerous changes to its packaging and product catalogs over the years. However, during the marketing changes they have continued to offer highly competitive prices and consistently potent products .

And now as one of the first CBD rounds to receive certification from the US Hemp Authority CBDistillery has demonstrated its continued commitment to transparency and quality.

CBDestillery Facts

Hemp Source: Colorado

CBD Types: Full Spectrum and Isolate

Extraction: CO2 extraction

Transparency: Laboratory results by lot available on the website

Product categories:

  • CBD- Tinctures
  • CBD rubbers
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD topics
  • CBD vape pens and vape oil cartridges
  • CBD -Insolate Powder
  • CBD Pet Products
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    Why CBDestillery CBD Oil

    CBDistillery uses GMO-free industrial hemp extract grown in the USA to produce its extensive range of cannabidiol products. For consumers looking for a THC-free option, both full-spectrum and isolate options are available for most products.

    In addition to the major offers on their website, CBDistillery offers wholesale and white labeled products . This means that other CBD vendors you know and love may sell CBDistillery products.

    As part of our review process, we submitted multiple CBDistillery CBD samples for third-party lab testing. From tinctures to capsules, we found that the labels of CBDistillery are consistently accurate .

    In fact, CBDistillery often appears in our product classifications, from our first CBD oil classification in 2018 to our recent list of the cheapest CBD oils.

    Recommended CBD Distillery Products

    CBD Distillery is characterized by offering potent, high quality products at extremely competitive prices. Here are some favorites that we have thoroughly tested and are happy to recommend:

    Full Spectrum Tincture

    Potency: 250 – 5000 mg CBD

    Price: $ 0.12 – $ 0.05 per mg CBD

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    The company's CBD tinctures have been a perennial favorite in our ranking The best CBD oils that made a name for themselves in both 2018 and 2019.

    We are only partially dependent on the range of full-spectrum tinctures containing a high concentration of other cannabinoids and terpenes in each drop.

    However, if you want to avoid THC, CBDistillery also offers pure CBD Isolate tinctures in a variety of potencies. Both are formulated with MCT coconut oil as the base, and this makes the isolate version an almost tasteless option for people who do not like the taste of the hemp plant.

    CBD Gummies

     Photo of a bottle of CBDisitillery Vegan CBD Gummies, Best CBD Gummies 2019 "width =" 800 "height =" 533 "/> <img class= Efficacy: 30 mg each

    Price: 0,09 USD per mg CBD

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    These CBD rubbers are highly effective and damn delicious.

    And in contrast to the gums offered by many competitors, they are also gluten free, allergen free, vegan and kosher.

    Insider tip: If you're looking for a sweet treat that will help you fall asleep, you can also offer a "Night" formula with Melatoni an .

    CBD Capsules

     CBD Capsules - Best CBD Capsules and Capsules 2019 "width =" 800 "height =" 571 "/> <img class= Potency: 25-30 mg per capsule

    Price: $ 0 , 13 to $ 0.07 per mg of CBD

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    CBDistillery has many options in the market for CBD capsules and capsules.

    For our review of the best CBD capsules we tested the full-spectrum oil capsules. With a strong full-spectrum dose packed into each tiny pill, they all achieved good grades.

    Avoiding THC? Do not worry, CBDistillery also offers isolate varieties of these capsules.

    Whichever option you choose, you get a high quality product at a great price.

    Looking for something else? Visit the Web site to discover the latest CBDol ointment, CBDefine skin care cream, pet crab tincture and a variety of vape products.

    Who should choose CBDestillery?

    Due to its wide variety of products and consistently high quality standards, CBDistillery probably has something to offer everyone.

    No matter whether you are looking for a highly effective tincture, a full-spectrum tincture or CBD gums containing melatonin for sleep, CBDistillery has you covered.

    In addition to their already low prices, they offer CBD discounts for veterans and for people working in various service occupations.

    For absolute CBD newbies, however, CBDistillery has one major drawback. Their Return Policy is strict and their products are not covered by any Satisfaction Guarantee.

    This means that CBD first time adopters with a brand offering a may feel more comfortable probationary, or that has a milder return policy.

    Experienced CBD consumers, however, are likely to find the return policy less daunting. If you already have a pretty good idea of ​​what works for you, the excellent value of CBDistillery may be worth the low risk.

    User Experience

    Visitors On the CBDistillery website at you will find a bright, cheerful branding and an appealing design that works for both Desktop and mobile devices.

    In the past We found the product catalog of CBDistillery to be somewhat overwhelming and difficult to navigate. However, a recent overhaul has significantly streamlined the purchasing process.

    From the search for a product to the checkout, we found that the user experience was fast and error-free. .

    Customer Service

    Over the years, CBDistillery has clearly prioritized customer service. The proof was in the Customer Reviews – it was hard for us to find something that did not glow.

    And our experience with CBDistillery's customer service has generally met the hype. Their representative answered e-mail inquiries in just a few hours and the answers were thorough, friendly and professional. Customer service representatives know their products exactly.

    At the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019, however, we noticed a decline in customer satisfaction. In product reviews and CBD user forums, customers have indicated that requests for shipping issues (see next section for details) have received late or unsatisfactory responses from the company's customer service representatives.

    In the meantime, these issues seem to have been resolved. As a result, CBDistillery's reputation as a reliable customer service quickly returns.

    Purchasing and Shipping

    One area where CBDistillery did not attract attention was the area of ​​shipping and purchasing.

    Why not? Well, their return requirements are very strict compared to those of their competitors. You only accept unopened products and you have only seven days to initiate a return.

    And when it comes to shipping, CBDistillery has been severely compromised when it's changed. Its fulfillment process is a while back.

    Slower shipments caused a rise in consumer complaints and negative reactions to the brand. Fortunately, many of the problems seem to have been resolved at the time of this writing. Recent Customer Voices show that delivery times and response times are again in line with the previously high standards of CBDistillery.


    CBDistillery has further expanded and improved its transparency game over the last year From "good" to "great".

    So what has changed?

    First, consumers do not have to guess the CBD content of a product. You can review current third-party lab results for each article on the product page of the website. And now you can scan a QR code on the packaging of your product to see the specific certificate of analysis for your item's batch.

    Information on CBDistillery's hemp supply is not readily available on the site. Apart from the fact that it is grown in the United States. The customer service representatives, however, came shortly when we asked them about it.

    The CBDistillery website has provided very little information about founders, owners, or leadership teams. The only information was that the founders were a "group of Colorado natives."

    On the "About" page of the website you will find extensive information about your team today. If the people running a CBD brand are prepared to risk their reputation, this will be instrumental in building confidence .

    Our Judgment

    This established CBD brand has made a name for itself among CBD users because they favor high-quality products at Prices offers.

    With Reliable Potent Products and Solid Prices CBDistillery is a good choice for anyone looking for a wide range of CBD oil options.

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