Changeover to hashish and the facility of packaging


The cannabis business explodes throughout North America. It's a fantastic time to be in the industry, with limitless growth potential and untapped markets waiting to be discovered. In the US alone, the cannabis industry will only expand at $ 10.4 billion in 2018. All these growth and investment potentials are linked to very tough competition. For many aspiring cannabis companies, the focus is on providing a hungry group of consumers with a steady stream of quality products and gaining a foothold in the marketplace. For many with quality products, the difference between building a viable and successful cannabis business and creating a company that leads nowhere will be due to marketing and product promotion.

One key aspect of marketing, especially in cannabis space, is packaging. The potential for packaging to carry and strengthen your brand, enhance brand narration, and increase brand awareness is unlimited. Imagine your packaging as a mobile mini billboard that's everywhere you go, where your customers take it. How can you make the most of your cannabis packaging?

Use your story for the impact of big brands

We all know that strong marketing and branding campaigns are critical to sales, especially in today's highly visual world. The experience your consumers experience when they first get to know your product for the first time can affect how they experience the product itself, whether they are looking for it again and whether they would recommend it to others. According to Datamonitor, a research company in the packaging industry, more than 50% of buyers' purchase decisions are made on the shelf. This is one of the reasons why packaging is so important.

Your brand essence and brand narration are set as part of a larger marketing plan. However, for packaging, the challenge is to turn that overall essence and narrative into a design that includes your brand and the emotion you want consumers to enjoy. Successful branding distills your story, image and personality into clear, consistent designs that speak directly to the right customers. Think of the image and the personality you want to convey. Are you funny and carefree and want to cheer people up? Are you a professional and trusted brand that wants to provide medical care and comfort? The design of your packaging should visually support these goals.

Once your brand image has been established, it's time to look at all the ways you can send your message to consumers. The actual product packaging you use is an excellent marketing and branding opportunity where you can do everything from presenting your logo on boxes and containers to customizing the unboxing process. Let's take a look at some custom packaging options for your cannabis product.

Conveying with packing

When you're thinking about how best to maximize your packaging, think about where it's most visible. For example, if it's a delivery box, many people along the supply chain have the opportunity to see it, as well as passers-by at every stage of the supply chain. Maybe a big logo or a distinctive design makes sense for this piece of packaging. If it's a smaller package bought at the store, will it be put in a bag? What does the bag look like? If you already have a strong brand presence, does it remind people of your brand and increase awareness? If your brand presence is not clear yet, will the design of the bag or the design on it attract people's attention when they see someone carrying them on the street?

Remember to see a parcel in your mailbox or on your front steps. Do you recognize the logo and branding immediately when you see it from a distance? In this case, you have a strong logo and a meaningful design on your packaging. This is the goal of every product plan that is worth the money. There are many ways to create effective boxes and bags, such as: For example, custom labels on the shipping container (whether boxes or envelopes), matching branded packaging tape or boxes and bags in specific colors or patterns.

Prepare for the Unboxing Experience

Next you can use the unboxing process if your consumer has exceeded the initial shipping packaging. Do not underestimate the power of unboxing. Users often access social media to record their own unboxing experiences, share videos about the process, and see what the product looks like on delivery. The unboxing experience can be a differentiator for your brand. So make the most of it. Consider not only high quality packaging, but also a surprise, such as: As a giveaway brand in the box, z. For example, a postcard with a discount code, a funny temporary tattoo, or a product sample of something new that your company is introducing.

Do not forget product packaging

After the customer has passed his unboxing experience, the product package remains with him. This is also what customers see first in your store on the shelf, if you have a physical retail location. This is the ideal place to have both a strong logo and the required product information. Whether your product is packaged in plastic, wooden crates, cardboard or other material, durable stickers with your logo or brand name are affordable and effective ways to brand different types of product packaging material. Consider using transparent vinyl stickers for glass bottles or other transparent packaging.

You can list all relevant information about cannabis directly on a custom label – d. H. The right dosage, ingredients and possible side effects of your product. Your label design is also an opportunity to instantly tell customers whether their cannabis product in the package is oral or current. Some glass bottles of cannabis oil are too small to allow proper labeling. You can therefore pack them in a box with the right branding attached (again: stickers, branded tape, roll labels, etc.). You can then stick a label or sticker on the box itself, which also includes all product information.

As with everything in business and in life, it's all about details. By keeping an eye on product packaging at every level and at every stage of the product journey from you to your customer, you will have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on your customers as well as potential customers who come across your packaging and your brand. This attention to detail can be a very positive experience for the consumer – potentially giving your product a competitive advantage. And on the cannabis market, this edge could make you stand out from the others.

Author Bio: Andrew Witkin, Founder & President

As the founder of StickerYou, Andrew believes in the enormous power of individualization. With more than a decade of successful work at StickerYou, he is one of Canada's leading experts in ecommerce, customization, startups, marketing and engineering.

He is a graduate of Dalhousie University and holds an MBA from York University's Schulich School of Business. Witkin was previously Vice President North American Licensing at Nelvana / Corus Entertainment and Director of Marketing at MegaBrands / Mattel.