Distinction between hemp and marijuana


When purchasing CBD oil products, it is important to know the difference between hemp and marijuana, as these terms determine things like THC levels, legality, and more.

As you delve deeper into cannabis, CBD oil, the types of CBD products available, and more, the question arises again and again: " What is it? ? the difference between hemp and marijuana? "

Apart from cannabis slang, legal design and use of plants, there are few genetic differences between hemp and marijuana plants. In practice, however, the differences between hemp and marijuana are very significant.

Here we will examine the similarities and differences between marijuana and hemp, including their use, their legal status, and more.

Hemp and marijuana are in fact both members of the same plant species – Cannabis sativa L. Plants contained in Cannabis sativa L. may contain various levels of cannabinoid concentrations, including the most abundant compositions of cannabinoids THC and CBD , Nevertheless, there are many practical differences between hemp and marijuana and clear lines between the two types of cannabis plants.

In practice, the term "hemp" refers to the food and fiber variety of the cannabis plant, and "marijuana" is cannabis grown to enhance the chemicals that make you feel drunk. However, the differences between hemp and marijuana are much deeper.

Cultivation of hemp and marijuana

Cannabis has both male and female plants. When marijuana is grown, male plants are removed and only female plants are cultivated. This is because fertilization of cannabis flowers decreases the concentration of THC – the main chemical in marijuana, which causes intoxicating effects – that the cannabis flowers produce.

Commercial marijuana is usually grown indoors, so conditions can be monitored very closely to optimize growth. Although THC occurs throughout the plant, the flowers or "buds" for marijuana are harvested.

Marijuana is grown to promote the cultivation of many THC-laden flowers. This is because THC is mainly concentrated in the trichomes – small resin-filled glands – on the flowers of the plant. Flowers of the female marijuana plant that have not been fertilized with pollen from a male plant produce more resin containing THC.

Hemp, however, is grown as close as possible to the natural cultivation of cannabis. Hemp is grown worldwide for food, oil and fiber. The entire hemp plant can be used commercially, not just the flowers.

In hemp, male and female plants are sown very closely together, allowing for easy wind pollination, increased seed production, and more effective weed displacement, trying to grow near the hemp field. This results in very high, hardy plants with fewer branches, which differ significantly from the often shorter, bushier marijuana plants.

However, some native farmers have begun to grow shorter hemp plants that produce more flowers that can be used to produce CBD oil products.

THC against CBD

Another significant difference between hemp and marijuana is that hemp naturally contains almost no THC, while most marijuana plants produce only traces of CBD.

Due to decades of selective breeding, the THC concentration in marijuana can be between 10% and 30%.

For hemp to be considered a hemp, its flowers must contain only 0.3% THC – 33 times less than the least effective marijuana. Therefore, it is impossible to get intoxicated by hemp consumption.

Legal status of hemp and marijuana

Marijuana and hemp have very different legal status in the US and in countries around the world. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between the two.

Since the adoption of the Farm Bill 2018, the cultivation, production and distribution of hemp and hemp products in the US is legal. This means that the purchase and use of hemp CBD products is legal.

However, marijuana is still prohibited by law in the United States. However, marijuana is legal in certain parts of the country as it is a statutory requirement of the state to use medical marijuana or marijuana for recreational purposes.

CBD from marijuana against CBD from hemp

Although both hemp and marijuana produce CBD, some important factors must be considered when selecting a CBD source.

Hemp by nature has more CBD than THC. This makes it an ideal source for CBD, especially for those who want to avoid the intoxicating effects of THC. It is the main reason why hemp oil is the preferred source of natural CBD for thousands of people, but there are other reasons as well.

If CBD is obtained from hemp, the purchase and use in the US is legal. This means that you can be sure to buy cannabis CBD products, such as those available from Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Unlike cannabis CBD products, products made from marijuana are likely to contain high levels of THC, unless they have been falsified (ie diluted) in some way. If they are too high in THC content, they are illegal nationwide and legal only in certain federal states.

When you buy CBD products, check to see if they are made with hemp to make sure you are only using CBD products that are required by law.

CBD products from hemp

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There are several ways to use CBD:

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