Get comfy with a cup of CBD tea based mostly on this easy recipe


Dripping your tea with a splash of CBD oil will make fantastic use of the myriad beneficial effects of CBD.

A hot cup of tea can be uniquely relaxing to start or end the day. We are doubling the benefits of tea with this CBD recipe. Based on your favorite tea, we'll show you how to quickly make your own home-made CBD tea to get the most out of your daily CBD.

Infused CBD Tea Recipe

Adding CBD to your cup of tea is a simple process that only adds a single step to your normal process. There are, however, some things to consider to make the most of your CBD tea and make it a pleasant experience.

Because CBD is not water-soluble, you can increase the availability of your CBD by adding fat to your tea, including milk or cream and even butter. In this CBD tea recipe we use RSHO ™ CBD fluids. Because water and MCT oil are not easily mixed in our CBD fluids, adding fat such as milk or cream can also help mix water and oil.

Next you need to prepare CBD tea at home.

Ingredients :

  • Your favorite tea bag or loose leaf tea
  • A fat like milk or cream
  • ¾ teaspoon of RSHO ™ CBD fluid
  • Honey or another sweetener is desired

Instructions :

  1. Heat water until hot, but do not cook
  2. Steep tea according to packaging data
  3. Add a dash of milk or cream, RSHO ™ CBD liquid and sweetener to tea and stir well.

If you enjoy this tea, the CBD oil and the water in the tea can begin to separate. Stir before a sip can reduce this effect. You can also avoid this separation by mixing the CBD oil and milk with a milk frother before adding them to tea.

Another popular way to add CBD to your hot tea is to infuse CBD into honey first. Heat with a water bath and mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 teaspoon of RSHO ™ CBD Liquid. Stir frequently until the CBD oil is completely mixed into the honey. You can also add CBD isolate to your honey in the same way. This CBD honey can then be used to sweeten your tea, coffee or other beverage.

Why CBD Edibles

The infusion of CBD into food is an excellent way to incorporate the benefits of CBD from hemp into your diet. When CBD is taken with a meal, the body can absorb CBD and other cannabinoids more efficiently before they are transported through the body. Learn more about Why You Should Take CBD Oil with Food .

There are literally dozens of possible recipes with CBD oil tinctures and liquids . Use our CBD recipes to stimulate your creative juices. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to cook with the oil, as this may reduce its effectiveness.

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