Begin of Hashish Retail Gross sales in Michigan December 1: What You Must Know


Brandon Weber, November 25, 2019

Cannabis may be sold nationwide on December 1, 2019, but does not have to be available nationwide. (pawel.gaul / iStock)

Michigan cannabis stores are scheduled for sale on Sunday, December 1, 2019.

This is much earlier than originally planned, which is good news for cannabis users. However, the new start date means that only a few stores are open on the first day. Over time, more stores will open, but product availability and retail stores may be limited at first.

It's all a bit confusing – which is perfectly normal for a new constitutional state. You have to know that.

Who opened on December 1st?

So far it is known that three pharmacies will be allowed to start selling adults on December 1st – and all in Ann Arbor. Exclusive brands will attract a lot of attention on December 1st at 9am. The opening of the Arbors Wellness and Greenstone facilities is also scheduled for the 1st of December. The opening times still have to be determined.

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Will more shops open at some point?

Yes. The first adult retail licenses will be given to existing provision centers (the unique name in Michigan for medical cannabis pharmacies), but it's a slow process. Businesses that are licensed for use by adults can use up to half of their existing medically approved inventory for use by adults.

There are only three shops ready, but dozens more are working through the state licensing process. They will receive the final status of "qualified" in the next few months. To find out if you have one near you, look at the map of qualified and soon qualified pharmacies across the state.

Something in Detroit?

Maybe. The Detroit City Council has recently issued a temporary moratorium on adult cannabis stores, purportedly to give the city more time to do manual work.

However, the city council did not explain why, in the year in which voters approved recreational cannabis, the city did not bother to work out these rules.

In addition, several pharmacies had already filed for approval in the five-day gap between the state promoting adult adoption and the Detroit City Council to push back and ban the shops. Thus, some companies can open with state licenses despite the ban. Despite this, the city council suggests that by the end of January, everything will be all right if all overcome the licensing hurdles.

How are these stores?

As anyone who's in medical pharmacies across Michigan can attest, entering one of these sites can be a sensory overload. You have so many choices, it's a bit like Homer Simpson in the land of chocolate.

Exclusive Brands Ann Arbor displays cannabis flowers, concentrates, pre-rolled joints, edible products, tinctures, painkiller creams and more.

While prices may change with the opening of the page for adult use, a small sample of prices that are currently for medical use only indicates that single gram buds can cost between $ 15 and $ 20 other parts of the state … but you must have your health insurance card to have access to one of these pharmacies. At least for the time being.

In addition, the adult cannabis excise rate in Michigan is 10% paid by the retailer. This increases the retail price for recreational herb, although the product is the same as it is sold to medical patients.

What can I expect on the first day?

  • Long lines on the opening day. Bring a camping chair, water, snacks and a positive attitude. Opening day lines are a party. Bring an American flag – you're here to celebrate freedom. Share your snacks and make new friends.
  • Cold weather. It is December. It is Michigan. Buckle up. Wear warm winter clothes.
  • Relatively high prices. A legally regulated system causes costs for everyone – even for you as a consumer. Producing and selling a clean, lab-tested product costs money. The state levies a tax on your purchase. And the law of supply and demand also sets in: in the beginning there are many buyers and a limited selection of products.

Are you kidding me with the price of a gram?

Relax. This happens in every constitutional state. The price of one gram of cannabis flower on the opening day is rather shocking. But at some point the supply will catch up with demand. The market finds its level. In the state of Washington, the price for a gram on the opening day was $ 23. Today it's about $ 5.

What should I bring?

State-issued ID card (driver's license, passport, etc.) and cash.

Until the federal laws are changed, almost all adult businesses in the legal states are cash-only. Some have their own ATMs in the store, but do not expect it.

Bring more money than you think necessary. Experiences in stores on the opening day have shown that customers come across two things:

  • An Amazing Selection of Products That You Want to Taste
  • Higher prices than expected

Which products will be available?

Adults can buy flowers, buds and cannabis infused foods, oils and creams. More details below.

Can I Buy a Cannabis Vape Pen?

Not now, but probably later.

Vape products are usually available, but on November 22, the state's marijuana regulator issued an emergency rule prohibiting the use of vitamin E acetate in cannabis vaping products. Vitamin E oil, also known as tocopheryl acetate, has been linked to the nationwide outbreak of VAPI (also known as EVALI), a severe and potentially fatal lung disease. (See Leafly's ever-updated resource page on this topic.)

This urgency rule also stopped the sale of existing cannabis vape products. These products may be returned to the shelf after testing to ensure that they do not contain vitamin E oil. But the labs are just beginning to increase their ability to test for the substance, and the resulting backlog will keep the amount of shelved products relatively low, at least in the coming weeks.

Any discounts?

Some stores may offer discounts for veterans, students, seniors or people with disabilities. That could save you up to 10%. It is worth asking.

Some stores also offer opt-in SMS programs that notify you when virtually everything is sold.

If you see this guy, thank him.

We do not know how the cannabis pioneer from Michigan, John Sinclair, celebrates the opening of the first adult cannabis business in Michigan. But if you see him, thank him. Here is the reason.

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