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According to CDC more than 2,000 reported cases and 47 deaths were attributed to the vapor-associated lung injury by 20 November. This health scare has led to a sharp decline in the market for vapro-cartridges. On August 1, Vape Carts accounted for 15-30% of all adult cannabis sales in legal markets. By the middle of September, these figures had fallen by around 10 percent.

While the CDC has confirmed the presence of vitamin E acetate in all 29 tested lung fluid samples from patients in 10 states, the organization also states that "the evidence is not yet sufficient to rule out the contribution of other harmful chemicals. "

Government regulators, cannabis companies and consumers respond

In response to the crisis, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington have issued temporary bans on cannabis vape products. But entrepreneurs and public health advocates claiming the ban would paralyze cannabis trade and bring more consumers to the illicit market – this is where most of the spoiled vapes were purchased . ,

In fact, after a lawsuit the temporary ban on Oregon was lifted and in Massachusetts the ban on medical marijuana vape products was lifted and is now only applicable to adult vapes. According to the cannabis analysis provider Headset, legal vape sales have stabilized since September and the company speculates that retailers could see this increase as more consumers turn to legal channels in the wake of the crisis.

How to Alleviate Customer Concerns of Steaming

Undoubtedly, the outbreak of lung injuries is important, and cannabis retailers should be willing to talk to their customers, answer their questions, and dispel their concerns. With this in mind, there are three ways in which you can tackle the crisis in your pharmacy and better educate your customers.

1. Emphasize the Risks of Illegally Harvested Cannabis Products

In fact, the majority of cannabis vape-related lung injuries were cartridges that were not purchased directly from a licensed pharmacy or retail store. The fact that the customer is already in the right place to buy legitimate laboratory-tested products should alleviate some of the concerns – and you can communicate this by providing as much information as possible about your offers. Which brings us to number two …

2. Carefully Inspect Your Suppliers

Before confidently assuring your customers that the cannabis vapes you sell are of uncompromising quality, you want to make sure they are. Take the time to really investigate not just your vape suppliers, but every manufacturer and breeder from whom you buy products. Ensure that all cultivation, extraction and processing instructions are strictly adhered to and collect as much raw data as possible about the SOPs.

Of course you also want to ask your vape providers for test results that prove that their cars are vitamin E acetate-free. But you can dig deeper by asking the following:

  • Where was the raw cannabis flower from which the oil was extracted?
  • Where was the flower extracted?
  • Which additives are included and who delivered them?
  • Does the ingredients of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in other industries, such as food or cosmetics?
  • Are ingredients not authorized for human consumption?

Remember, the more information you can provide to your customers about the products on your shelves, the more confidence you will give them.

3. Be transparent

Ultimately, the best way to build trust with your customers is to be honest and open with them. Yes, vitamin E acetate is a prime suspect in lung injuries, but the truth is that the investigations are ongoing. So, not only should you be transparent about the products you carry with you, but also be a reliable source of information about Vapes – as well as any other cannabis delivery system you carry.

Of course, many customers on Vape Carts do not take any risks for the time being. While sales of Vape have declined in recent weeks, purchases in other categories such as flowers and groceries have increased. Dispensary Touchscreen Menus can help your customers get to different cannabis products they may not have tried yet. With this technology you can inform your customers about different consumption methods and keep them informed about the current situation.

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