Truck driver sues CBD firm for job loss on account of failed drug testing – firebird-cbdoil


An Illinois-based truck driver filed a lawsuit against a hemp CBD producer after saying that his gums, allegedly infused with hemp-CBD, made him test positive for THC and lose a lucrative job ,

According to WICS News, the undisclosed driver has used the services of Chicago lawyer David Fish after being denied a trucking contract due to a failed drug test. The trucker said he never smoked marijuana but used JustBRAND's CBD gum to help him fight insomnia.

Since the legalization of hemp at the federal level last year, the CBD industry has grown larger and faster than experts have predicted. With cannabidiol tinctures, topics and confectionery becoming the nation's hottest health trend, state regulators opposed introducing firm policies for the new industry. As a result, products labeled and sold as CBD have been tested frequently for THC, synthetic cannabinoids, and other off-label ingredients.

"When people take these CBD gums and CBD gums in general, sometimes they do not know what they contain," attorney David Fish told WICS. When it comes to very small tracks, it can lead to all kinds of problems , including failed drug tests. "

In a public statement filed almost immediately after the lawsuit filed by Fish and the truck driver, JustBRANDS denied any wrongdoing and said that their products were tested in the laboratory to ensure legal effectiveness. Instead, the company pointed to the truck driver's employer.

"JustBRANDS is confident that this lawsuit has no reason," wrote the mark. "JustCBD is very proud of the quality of its products and test protocols and uses isolate-based products that do not contain THC above 0.3, which complies with applicable laws and regulations. It is also worth noting that drug testing conducted by employers varies widely in their accuracy and sensitivity to a range of chemical compounds, recreational or pharmaceutical products, which could lead to a positive THC finding. "

Fortunately, truck driver WICS said he could find another truck job during the process, but for others in his situation the rebound was not that easy. For a lorry driver in New York, who suffers a similar fate for driving with unregulated CBD oil, a similar lawsuit lasts nearly a year.

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