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Alex LeVine, co-founder and CEO of PodTones, is, to say the least, a force when it comes to cannabis. And his company, PodTones, is a physical manifestation of it.

More importantly, after just one puff of a PodTones tape, you'll understand and deeply appreciate the personal fire that LeVine brings to the community. His determination spurs on his quest to develop clean and safe products that offer an amazingly pure experience.

So, whether LeVine raves about the Southern California pontiff's dominance, deciphers the bad business that led to the crisis, or explains how every aspect of a PodTones product came about, it holds nothing back. In a world where delusion overrides ethics in marketing and advertising, LeVine's honesty could not be more refreshing. In addition, the enthusiasm of LeVine is positively intoxicating – just like his eagerness.

The MERRY JANE employees were allowed to sample the entire PodTones product range and we can confirm that the Vapes and everything that LeVine says about them are the real deal. After all, LeVine was not Snoop Dogg's personal weed supplier for seven years because he was a freshman!

After we came down, we met with LeVine to talk about PodTones, rosin, Frankenstein weed products, and the days when Uncle Snoop vaporized a PodTone. Have fun!

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<p> PodTones </p>
<p> <strong> MERRY JANE: </strong> <strong> Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the cannabis business. </strong> </p>
<p> <strong> Alex LeVine: </strong> I'm from Boston and lived as a kid in Kenya and Mexico. I have a degree in electrical engineering at Harvard. Later, I was in the music industry, and then I joined the dot-com boom in New York. </p>
<p> In 2004 I moved to Los Angeles. It was in the early days of pharmacies and I was just overwhelmed with the selection of flowers. I decided to cultivate myself. So I was a cultivator for a long time. </p>
<p> For ten years I worked with Kushmart, the largest pharmacy in Hollywood. During this time, I delivered Snoop. He was a regular customer and he always bought my product and then someone started working with him directly. </p>
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How did you move from engineering to dot-com cultivation?

I discovered that I have a hypersensitive sense of smell. I was always aware that all the time I could smell everything around me – I just did not know that other people could not smell it.

At some point I went to a perfumery in Paris with my girlfriend, and the perfumer started talking about some of his fragrances. He looked at me and said, "You have a nose like mine – the nose of a perfumer. "I thought," Wow, that explains a lot! "

When I started getting into the pot in LA, it was really cool to have my sensitive nose. It really allowed me to get involved with the best varieties. It also allowed me to know things like when there was mold in a room. I can just go in and smell when something is wrong in a huge room full of flowering plants.

It's basically my secret weapon when it comes to making a great pot, because at the end of the day, when I think it smells and tastes great, everyone else will.

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<p> PodTones </p>
<p> <strong> PodTones products are 100 percent pure rosin evaporators. How did you come to focus on that? </strong> </p>
<p> In 2012 I started making vaporizers. When I heard of the invention of the e-cigarette, I thought, "You know, people have to consume the pot in the future." </p>
<p> It's perfect. Because it is able to roll a joint and burn a joint, everything is fine, but most people can not roll and most people do not want to burn anything with mouth contact. Besides, most people do not need that many hits. </p>
<p> But then the technology was not there. The original e-cigarettes were plastic pods that looked like cigarettes and had a tiny capsule of impregnated cotton in the middle. There was no way to bring something into it. I got one and took it apart, but at that time there was no pot in it. </p>
<p> By 2012, the e-cigarette business had grown a lot, and there were many manufacturers in China, and I started working with them to modify batteries and cartridges to work with cannabis. That was the beginning of the cannabis vaporizers. </p>
<p> Rosin was not invented back then, so we did everything with BHO or butane extract. A few years later, I discovered rosin and changed completely to rosin. It was a big leap forward. Finally we started PodTones. </p>
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What dangers do consumers need to face in the face of gloomy anxiety ? about with PodTones?

Unless it is known that the pot itself is poisonous, there is nothing to fear with our products. We do not use solvents. We do not add anything. So you get really pure vegetable oil, which was processed only minimally.

That's essentially what people have always smoked. If you think about it, because the cherry glow is burning at the end of a joint, sending overheated air through the pillar of the joint and vaporizing the oil on its way, we've always evaporated the pure oil. And that's what we do at PodTones.

The vaporizer itself is also super clean. It is free of heavy metals and the heating chamber is made of pure ceramics. So it does not seep into the oil – it's just pure cannabis oil.

Our competitors use distillates. A distillate is purified THC oil that is extracted from large quantities of low quality pots with high performance industrial solvents. The solvents tend to remove most of the original flavor and leave a series of notes so that they are masked with flavor and diluted with additives. Whether these flavors and additives are safe or not, we do not know.

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<p> PodTones </p>
<p> <strong> That seems like a scary thing you do not know. </strong> </p>
<p> If you're supposed to have pure THC oil that contains "85 percent" or "90 percent" and was made this way, you need to ask, "What are the other 10 percent?" </p>
<p> In my nose, when it's about 10 percent other stuff, it's totally disgusting and it completely ruins the taste. Also, who knows what the other stuff is? In any case, they then add flavors – whether they are "natural" terpenes derived from agricultural crops such as lemon zest, or artificial flavors such as creme brulee. They do this to mask the deposits of THC oil, which is as effective as spraying deodorant on marathon runners. So sure – you can try the creme brulee, but you can also try whatever that rudeness is, and there's no escape from it. </p>
<p> And because my nose is so sensitive, I also have a pretty keen awareness of toxins. They smell bad. Something like the smell of a new shower curtain makes me choking. I smell many of these notes in these distillate-based pens. I do not know what's in there, but it does not seem to be safe and I never felt it safe. With PodTones, you no longer have to worry about testing new chemicals in your lungs. </p>
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Can you guide us through the basic process of turning a PodTones product from a plant into a vape?

We start with the highest quality flowers that grow in Southern California. So let's start with the best pot in the world, the most experienced breeders and the award-winning blockbuster varieties. We work with farms to make sure they have great plants.

We do not use cuts but start with real flowers. When it is harvested, it is immediately stored in a freezer containing all the cannabinoids. Typically, people cut the plants and dry them, which takes about one to two weeks. The problem is that the terpenes are getting worse. Terpenes are essential for a good flowering and high level.

We keep the plants cold and then do an ice water hash extraction, mechanically separating the trichomes from the remaining plant material. We use very fine micron filters to get exactly what we want. Then we take the hash and dry it, which looks like a pile of white sand. There are basically only a few trichome heads. Then we bring this white sand to the rosin press, where we place it in a very fine filter bag and another filter stage, before placing it between heated plates. These heated plates express the rosin and that is really the oil in each of these trichome heads.

It's very difficult to get the oil running in an evaporator, and that's part of our proprietary process. But we take it and put it in the capsules. That's what you steam. It really is the cleanest way to make the purest extract. No flavors are stripped and no impurities are added. It really is just the purest extract you can get.

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<p> PodTones </p>
<p> <strong> We tried the different types of PodTones and really noticed the difference between "Up", "Fun", "Chill" and "Dream". How do you do that? </strong> </p>
<p> It's the entourage effect. This effect is the reason why people smoke pot. Pure THC is not a pleasurable experience in itself. The entourage effect is THC plus the terpenes that are naturally present in the plant. </p>
<p> So if we make rosin as we do, we will bring along the terpenes the plant should have. The net result of this is that you get a distinct, strain-specific high that differs noticeably from the heights of other tribes. If you try our four different tones, you will notice four different effects. </p>
<p> Our competitors, who combine terpenes with distilled THC, play god or dr. Frankenstein. They will do some tests and find, for example, that Blue Dream contains limonene and myrcene. That's why they'll add THC distillate with some lemon extract and some hops extract and sell it to you and say it's Blue Dream. That's all wrong! </p>
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Why play with nature if that's the best?

The varieties that are currently in Southern California are incredible. Our process allows people to easily learn that Frankenstein analogs have no strange properties, but are just a marketing ploy to sell low-cost distillate.

We make a super premium product and it definitely costs a bit more than our competitors, but – it's the real deal. I think people will appreciate it even more when the entire industry, after this euphoria, has gone so far the Frankenstein Extract. "style =" width: 640px; Height: 301px; "/> </p>
<p> PodTones </p>
<p> <strong> Do you have any great snoop stories? </strong> </p>
<p> I would say any snoop story is a great story. He's exactly the uncle Snoop you see on TV. He's super nice, he's not a gangster and I would say that every time you hang out with him, it's a story. He is a fascinating guy. </p>
<p> When I first started making vaporizers, he was basically my test customer. We were still mixing flavors and he had a song called "Fruit Juice", so I made him a flavor called "Fruit Juice". It had strawberry extract and lemon extract, so it was like a strawberry lemonade in combination with Pineapple Express. </p>
<p> I had been serving him through one of his employees for years, but when I heard that he would be in the pharmacy, I went to him. He was perfectly dressed and smelled fantastic. </p>
<p> It was crazy. I love Snoop's music. I've been a fan since his first album, so I was very excited to meet him. When he discovered I was the one who had created the cart he used, he was so overjoyed to see me that it was like this strange role reversal. He hugged me and said, "What you have created is so amazing! I take it everywhere!" </p>
<p> I did not even know what to say. Again it was the first time I met Snoop. Eventually, I teamed up enough to ask him about Bubba Kush, the variety I most cared for him with. </p>
<p> Snoop has a song called "Kush," which he co-wrote with Dr. Dre did where he raps over "Bubba", so I had to ask him, "Are you talking about my Bubba?" And he said, "Yes! Exactly!" </p>
<p> So I said, "Okay, I'm done, I do not need to grow a pot!" I was so happy to know that I made it into one of Snoop's songs. That was a fantastic first experience with him. Of course he was always entertaining and he is a real fan of good products. Snoop is the best. Love him! </p>
<p> This article was created in association with PodTones. Follow them on Instagram. </p>
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