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Elizabeth EnochsDecember 2, 2019

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As a cannabis journalist, I tried different tinctures (liquid cannabis extracts). After being hospitalized for a gullet-related health problem last July, I started using only hemp and cannabis oils . To put it bluntly, my hospital stay was not caused by cannabis use in any way, but my recent health problems have led me to switch from inhaling to taking cannabis.

Below are my five favorite CBD tinctures of hemp and cannabis along with their advantages and disadvantages, and the health issues and causes for which I like to use them. I've found that several of my picks can effectively help treat the same health issues, so the best CBD oil for you is likely to be personal.

Most of my recommendations come from companies that are very transparent when it comes to testing their products for safety and efficacy, and half of the recommendations listed here are also sent across the United States. However, my personal favorites are the Rosebud CBD oil and the Uplift CBD oil from Humboldt Apothecary.

What I use it for: relieving anxiety, relieving stress, sleeping well, relieving pain and increasing focus

Pros: Deliciously smells like weeds and the bottle cap is fantastic – it's one of the most spill-proof CBD oils on this list. This pickaxe is rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness, and Rosebud provides with her test results to the public. Each Rosebud CBD oil purchase comes with a convenient dosage chart. Rosebud is also shipped in the US.

Disadvantages: The bottles are rather small, but the company could change that soon.

Rosebud CBD Oil is helpful in treating pain, but I've found it to be the most effective at relieving anxiety, managing stress, increasing focus, and promoting good sleep. This is my favorite CBD oil overall; It's the tincture I reach for when I want to relax, but I also want to be 100% sober, and I do that too when I struggle to focus on an article. (I actually took a dose before I started writing this piece because my fear stole my focus.)

I like how quickly it reduces my anxiety, and I appreciate it helps me decompress after a long day. As someone who misses to shine, I also enjoy that this tincture smells more like grass than any other tincture I've used. The dosage chart that accompanies each Rosebud CBD oil order ( and can be found on the Rosebud website ) is also very helpful. In addition, Rosebud is a women-based company.

Also good to know: This picker contains no additives, preservatives or fillers and contains only two ingredients: MCT oil (coconut oil) from certified organic farming and hemp extract from organic farming. It is also a full-spectrum hemp extract that has been tested by a third party for cannabinoid profile and potency, terpene profile, bacteria and mold, pesticides and solvents, and heavy metals. In addition, it is vegan and gluten-free and contains less than 0.3% THC.

What I use it for: relieving pain and improving mood

Benefits: Relieves my severe pain relatively quickly (migraine, menstrual cramps, etc.) and provides a noticeable upswing without impairment. In addition, all Humboldt Apothecary products undergo third-party lab tests .

Disadvantages: The bottle cap design is not very good. If you are not careful, this oil will leak out. Also, this option is currently available only in California .

All tinctures listed on this list are likely to relieve pain, but Humboldt Pharmacist Uplift CBD is undoubtedly the best option to relieve pain and improve mood. When I woke up recently with a migraine, a 0.5 ml dose of this substance eliminated my pain in about 60 to 90 minutes. This is also my pain medication if I have menstrual cramps. Since it is a 1: 1, I also like this tincture on some evenings and weekends for fun or when I feel blue.

The only real drawbacks to this tincture are that it is currently unavailable outside of California, and the bottle cap design could do some work. (If you're not careful, this picker will definitely run out.) When I take it with me on the go, I'll always screw the lid tight and store the bottle in an upright position, but even that does not guarantee a leaking experience.

One full pipette of this pickaxe (1 ml) contains 4.2 mg CBD and 4.2 mg THC. However, since I am currently in a microdosing phase, I usually stick to 0.5 ml doses.

Good to know: This tincture consists of whole flowers and is sugar-free, gluten-free, alcohol-free and vegan.

What I Use It for: Relieving Anxiety, Relieving Stress, Sleeping Well, Relieving Pain and Increasing Focus

Benefits: Works great for relieving anxiety and managing stress. I have also used it for pain relief and sleep disorders. It also smells and tastes delicious, and the bottle cap design is one of the most leak-proof on this list. In addition, populum is filled with antioxidants and ships throughout the US. Populum CBD oil is also being tested for quality by third-party suppliers, and the company is providing its lab reports to the public.

Disadvantages: Not ideal for people who prefer no extra flavor.

Although Populum's CBD oil has helped me to treat pain, I like it best when it comes to treating anxiety and stress. I also like to have fun on weekends or when social anxiety can be a problem. On two separate occasions, I took a full pipette (17 mg) before visiting my favorite festivals in the region. This has greatly helped to alleviate the anxiety and overstimulation that I normally experience in large crowds. I've found that a full drop of this pickax feels fantastic, but I usually take a smaller dose when I know I'm working on an article.

The cold-pressed orange oil adds a nice citrus flavor that I like, but since I generally consume CBD oils without added flavors, I usually grab Rosebud CBD oil over it. (However, this is only my personal preference and should not prevent you from trying Populum.)

Good to know: Populum CBD oil is GMO-free and gluten-free. In addition to full-spectrum hemp extract, coconut oil and cold-pressed orange oil, it also contains grapeseed oil and hemp oil and contains omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants.

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What I use it for: reduce anxiety, manage stress, sleep well, and increase focus

Benefits: TONIC OG is diversified in the US, biologically and sun-grown, acting as a spell that relieves fears and reduces stress. At the same time it improves the focus and promotes a good night's sleep. It is also packaged with cortisol-reducing Ashwagandha root extract and antioxidant-rich black cumin oil. The bottle closure design is one of the densest on the list, and TONIC ships to all 50 US states. In addition, TONIC has been tested for efficacy and safety in the laboratory and its laboratory reports are open to the public.

Disadvantages: Not ideal for people who do not like extra flavor.

I used TONIC OG last spring when I was looking for a job after I was released. Not only did it help me deal with the strong fears and stress I faced while looking for a job. TONIC OG also helped me to stay as calm and focused as possible after a new writing job. I needed half an eyedropper before each shift, and it always worked wonderfully to control my performance anxiety. I also used it to fall asleep and fall asleep while working because new job jitter affected my ability to sleep.

In addition, TONIC OG contains Ashwagandha Root Extract which has been shown to decrease cortisol levels while increasing focus and improving mental clarity. It contains organic maple syrup and black cumin oil as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Personally, I now prefer CBD oils with shorter ingredient lists that do not contain any added flavor. However, if you like the flavor of maple syrup and are looking for a CBD oil that can act as an antioxidant-rich supplement, TONIC OG may be right for you. (My sister is a very loyal customer, so it really depends on your personal taste.)

What I use it for: reducing anxiety, coping with stress, sleeping well, and increasing focus

Benefits: This range is a full spectrum CBD extract and is ideal for managing stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. Although it contains some THC, its THC content is so low that beginners should feel comfortable with cannabis.

Cons: I do not like the design of the bottle cap – it's definitely not as tight as it could be. Also, this tincture is currently only available in California, and I could not find much information about Care By Design's test procedures or lab results. Also for this tincture, the dosage information is not as clear as it could be.

While I enjoy this tincture and feel like I am doing everything I expect from a good CBD-dominant cannabis tincture (reduce anxiety and stress, increase focus, promote good sleep, relieve pain, etc.), care By Design's 18: 1 tincture is the least popular for one simple reason: I could not find much information about Care By Design's testing process or lab results. It is also true that the dosage details of this selection are not as clear as they could be, which is not ideal.

That being said, I would not have included this product if it had not produced any positive results. and my mother and sister also tried and enjoyed this choice.

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Elizabeth Enochs is a Los Angeles-based writer and journalist from a small Missouri town you've probably never heard of. Liz writes about everything from cannabis culture to animal welfare. You can read more about her work at The Green Plate, Bustle, Girlboss, The Dodo, Mercy For Animals and some others.