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Colleen Fisher TullyDecember 6, 2019

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Until recently, many cannabidiol products sold in the UK were legal, making it relatively easy to find CBD foods (or "ingestibles") in stores and on the Internet across the UK.

Under EU law, the cultivation of cannabis with a maximum of 0.2% THC (also called hemp) is allowed. Extracting cannabidiol from legally grown European hemp and incorporation into food poses no risk of injury, as the resulting food contained less than 0.01% THC.

In June 2019 the rules changed.

Put simply, cannabinoid-containing foods have been reclassified from "normal foods" to "novel foods" by the European Commission's Novel Foods Working Group.

In the same league as Krill Oil and Antarctic Chia Seeds, companies producing CBD-containing foods, including from sources grown in Europe, must apply for inclusion in the Novel Food Catalog, an extensive list of specialty products produced by considered safe by the US Food and Drug Administration European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for the general public. Once you are in the catalog, you are considered approved for sale.

So far, the Novel Food Catalog contains no CBD foods. But that does not mean that existing food will go gently into that good night.

As the British law firm Arnold & Porter points out on their website, many hope for their creation: "CBD foods lawfully launched before 1 January 2018 can benefit from the transitional provisions of the Novel Foods Regulation support. As long as an application for authorization is submitted before 2 January 2020, the product can be further marketed until the Commission has taken an authorization decision. "

This legal gray area not only confuses consumers but also has greater economic impact. Companies like Materia Ventures limit their involvement in non-prescription CBD spa products to topics such as topics until EFSA issues guidelines on food, says Nick Pateras, managing director of Materia.

"Without the clarity of the regulator, we feel uncomfortable selling Ingestibles in the light of the European Commission's decision earlier this year." However, guidance is expected in the coming weeks.

Apart from the legal maze, a number of CBD products from Europe are still available to consumers. Here are some of us who have noticed:

The addition of CBD to selected products was a natural extension of this hemp-focused provider of certified organic foods. Themptation was founded in 2017 and produces a variety of organic hemp treats from the EU, from chocolates to pestos to hummus. The latter is a bestseller, according to their website.

Themptation produces its own CBD oils from CO2-extracted organic hemp extract, which are then independently tested for quality by the Arge-Canna laboratories. Headquartered near Cornwall, Themptation's products are available in over 75 stores across the UK.

Officially sounding The Marshmallowist took into account the flavors of cannabis as he created his CBD-infused offerings. Instead of masking the grassy, ​​often pungent CBD oil hit with sugar heaps, they combined it with balancing aromas of pink grapefruit, blood orange with rosemary and classic dark cocoa to create a delicious feel-good collection.

This Leeds pastry chef proudly buys his CBD on Tonic, which claims its oils are sourced and processed exclusively from Europe, and is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association UK and CannaPro, another association for CBD and hemp companies Based in the UK.

The people of Wunder Workshop in London are very busy with ingredients, right through to fully compostable packaging. The Curcuma x CBD Bliss Bar is made from wild Peruvian cocoa from a single source, from ethical turmeric from small farms in Sri Lanka and from organic cannabis from European cultivation. According to their website, they are even ready to share independently tested CBD lab results with consumers.

A name like Starpowa makes it difficult to do without these gumdrops. In fact, according to The Daily Mail UK, this well-established provider of wellness gums sold its CBD-infused candies within hours.

Starpowa, based in Essex, claims its proud British vegan dietary supplements are free of sugar, gelatin, and synthetic ingredients of any kind. The same applies to the CBD, which they say is made "from leaf to bottle" in the UK supercritical CO2 extraction and filtration, as well as third-party quality checks. To date, both 5 mg and 15 mg CBD gums are still sold out. However, you can sign up to be notified when they become available again.

What does a cannabis lover do in a land of pubs? Give Hop & Hemp Brewing Co., manufacturer of low-alcohol, CBD-infused beers in fruity IPA and crispy storage styles (with 0.5 vol% ABV alcohol – Canada would classify them as "non-alcoholic").

Hop & Hemp announced on their website in 2019 and experimented with recipes for 12 months before landing on a beer-forward style that did not taste like hemp. Combined with UK-grown malted barley and dry hops, they partnered with one of Britain's largest CBD retailers, The Drug Store, to source cannabidiol, according to a press release.

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