20 hashish predictions for 2020


David Downs and Bruce Barcott December 16, 2019

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Call your bookmaker and bet. At the end of 2018, the Leafly News team made 24 predictions for the new year – and fat 68% of them came true. Take that, Nostradamus!

While we were totally annoyed that Illinois would become legal and New Jersey would keep the ban alive, we have mastered California's spotty introduction of legalization, the hardships of 2019, and the green packaging movement.

Aside from the back disappointment, it's time to start 2020. Where is federal cannabis policy going? What will be the burden of 2020? We don't step back from the future – we call it.

Here are Leafly's 2020 cannabis predictions.

1. Taste-intensive strains

We see the craze for desserts with delicious high-THC varieties like lava cake and vanilla frosting increasing in 2020. However, leave room for sweets – watermelon zkittlez, runtz, gushers and related crosses will rise. Also pay attention to the dessert backlash varieties such as garlic and GMO cookies.

2nd CBD returns to Earth


CBD will experience an inevitable cooling off phase as adults recognize that it can be an effective drug and a helpful wellness product, but is not a panacea. News flash: Nothing is ever.

3rd terpenes in the season

We will get more information about terpene that is offered to consumers, as well as new research on potential benefits and information about the disadvantages of consuming high terpene concentrations.

4th steam fight

Vaping – both cannabis and nicotine – will become a public health and personal freedom issue in 2020. Large parts of the United States will impose local vape bans.

Governors Jay Inslee (WA) and Charlie Baker (MA) will introduce their all-vape ban as a permanent state law through the legislature. Both attempts will fail, be repudiated by Republicans for largely libertarian reasons and supported by corporate lobby.

We will see a new marketing for flowers, flower vapes and rosin. A new focus on "clean, non-manipulated cannabis" will come to the fore.

5. Price reductions

Prices in California will fall, prices in Oregon will rise, prices in Washington should remain unchanged. The sky-high opening monthly prices in Michigan will gradually decrease, as will the shock numbers in Illinois.

6. Exotic cannabinoids are piling up

THC and CBD are also 2010. In 2020 the production of rare cannabinoids like THCV and THCA will increase, with more products and modalities like asthma inhalers.

7th Congress takes half steps

We will see progress in Congress, but not a complete victory. The MORE law, the leading law on the legalization of cannabis at federal level, will be passed by parliament, but will be blocked in the Senate. The SAFE Banking Act, which was passed in 2019, will be adopted by the Senate in 2020. President Trump will secure the banking measure, but will ultimately sign it on the basis of a state's legal argument.

8th FDA takes action against vaping


The FDA will crack down on vapes and introduce new nationwide rules that will slow down the industry but will not kill it.

FDA officials will also strike back CBD marketers with saber rattles and brushes. The federal agency will approve more uses for pharmaceutical CBD and more of its regulatory authority against uses outside of pharmaceuticals. However, the gray area will persist as the FDA lacks resources and higher priorities apply given the general security of CBD.

9. Border problems continue

Cannabis problems at the international borders – both in the north and in the south – will not subside in 2020. Count on more celebrities to be toppled with cannabis across international borders, especially in these private jets.

10. Spread out lounges

Licensed places where cannabis can be consumed will expand beyond California in 2020. Colorado will eventually bring them out, and Illinois may also bring them. Bonus: Tribal operations in the rule of law will drive the opening of consumption lounges as part of their entertainment offerings for restaurants, hotels, and spas that are available on reservation.

11th inspection tightened

Deaths from contaminated THC vaporizer cartridges ended Vaping's innocence in 2019. We expect 2020 to be a year in which states tighten the vaping rules, often beyond the scientific guidelines.

Regulators in Washington State are affected by EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping, lung injury related to product use) and must kill the bugs in their test and track and trace programs and require that state-licensed cannabis products be tested are for pesticides.

12. Three new states for adults

We wish we could present a rosier picture, but the presidential election will consume a lot of oxygen in 2020.

Legalization has already occurred in the most likely states (West Coast, Massachusetts). The next fights will take place in traditionally more conservative regions: the Midwest and the South.

2020 could be a year of earnings consolidation without new major government or federal progress. We will consider the legislative debate only as an incremental step. We will see that new states try and do electoral initiatives, but ultimately fail. It took California 30 years to transition from medical to adult legalization. In many states, voters have not yet fully digested medical legalization and are achieving a level of wellbeing with the idea of ​​adult use.

In 2020:

  • The New York legalization will hardly pass in the legislature.
  • New Jersey will approach this, but will fail because of petty democratic party struggles.
  • New Mexico legalization is hotly debated, but ultimately fails in lawmaking.
  • No legalization in Connecticut, Rhode Island or Pennsylvania.
  • Arizona voters will barely agree to legalization at the ballot box. You have to have hope.
  • Ohio just barely matches yes, we hope.
  • Florida voters consider legalization, but ultimately vote.
  • Medical legalization is handed over to the ballot box in Idaho and South Dakota.

13. Research illuminates vapors

A cluster of research results will better inform vape regulations, but there will be no breakthrough study to show that vaping is clearly harmful or completely risk-free.

14. Police priorities


  • The DEA and the Federal Task Forces will conduct sensational raids on illegal THC vape cart factories.
  • Other local officials are sentenced for bribery related to cannabis licenses.
  • Other vape brands like Kushy Punch have sold on the illegal market – and are losing their licenses.

15th California crossings, slow

California's transition from the illegal to the licensed market continues to be slow and cannabis tourism is taking off. The state will save $ 2 billion in taxes and save another $ 800 million in taxes in 2020.

16. Los Angeles fiddles while the illegal market is thriving

Los Angeles will add some new licensed businesses and manage a judicial introduction of stock licenses. Threats of property loss and arrest will promote illegal online, mobile, and pop-up businesses.

17. Advertising campaigns for the air

Further restrictions on advertisements for the vapor deposition of products. Anti-cannabis public messaging will also grow, funded by cannabis tax dollars. Effect claims such as "sleep" and "rest" are subject to a new official control.

18. Extension is mechanized

The cannabis industry will continue to industrialize – freshly frozen harvesting, mechanization in the processing of hemp, patented varieties for sale, more mixed light greenhouse cultivation, and oil harvesting where an entire field is converted to cannabis oil flower.

19. Hemp dreams not fully realized

Hemp cultivation will remain a loser until supply and demand can be linked through USDA rules and government adoption – and even if the THC level is above 0.3%, floods and huge amounts of perfect plants will be destroyed ,

20. Taxes: much talk, no relief


Sorry, in 2020 there will be no federal tax relief from IRS Section 280E. Rule of law will open talks about tax rate cuts to counter illegal market sales, but few will act.

Make your own # Cannabispredictions2020 in the comments below. We'll read the best in a future episode of our news podcast, The Roll-Up.

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