How Vaporizers Can Assist You Get the Most Out of Your Hashish Expertise


The green renaissance has placed cannabis at the center of recreational and medical use, and it is another popular industry that is responsible for making this happen. The union of big tech and big weed has revolutionized the way we consume our favorite strains by developing devices that optimize the user experience and allow us to enjoy the plant without burning it.

Earlier this year, it was found that e-cigarettes and other vapo products from smoking or vaping unregulated THC concentrate and nicotine-based products, some of which contain vitamin E acetate oil, cause vapo-associated lung damage when burned and Inhalation carcinogenic.

Unfortunately, only a few media reports on the difference between the vaporization of regulated dried flowers and regulated cartridges compared to the heavily soiled THC and nicotine products available on the illegal market. As we have seen, the emergence of cases related to these mysterious liquids has pushed consumers and brands into the background.

Evaporation as a mindful alternative to combustion by inhalation

By vaping with regulated equipment instead of smoking, you can reduce the amount of carcinogens consumed. In fact, even the government proposes this as the preferred method. Health Canada lists 10 ways to reduce the risk of cannabis use. This includes "using cannabis in a non-smoking manner – choose less risky forms of use, such as vaping or swallowing."

Since legalization, dry flower has been the most accessible option, and buying in a legal system means that we have the advantage of knowing that it has been tested for contaminants or hazardous chemicals.

With the introduction of cannabis 2.0 concentrates, consumers will have even more opportunities to experience cannabis. There are a variety of devices that can be used to consume regulated products, such as PAX's award-winning devices, whose reliable technology brings with it a higher level of control, resulting in a more consistent and enjoyable experience for cannabis users.

When one of these products is consumed with a temperature controlled device like PAX's, the user can choose their own cannabis adventure. The PAX 2 was specially developed for dry herbs, whereby the PAX 3 offers the possibility to alternate with concentrates. The PAX era is the latest PAX device launched in Canada as part of Cannabis 2.0. It redefines lean and sophisticated and offers maximum functionality for less hardware. It is the simplest and most discrete PAX device to date.

How to get more out of your cannabis experience with vaporizers

If you want to get the full aroma of your Sesh, vaporizers are the way to go. Terpenes are magical cannabinoids that often rise in the smoke. Light the fire and tell Sayonara to season. Put some dry herb in the chamber and it's a taste party! As for heat settings, it all depends on which terpenes dominate in your flower type. Checking the packaging to verify this information will give you a better idea of ​​how high the heat can be.

PAX is known for manufacturing sophisticated, high quality vaporizers that have become a popular product among cannabis users who are beginners and connoisseurs. They offer experiences for those who are looking for a first-class and discreet option for their cannabis use. Admittedly, there is no product on the market that appeals to the universal consumer. Rather, the company has put together a range of devices that speak to individuals based on their lifestyle preferences while giving them control over their experiences.

How to choose the right vaporizer for your lifestyle

After clearing some of the uncertainties surrounding vaporizers, you may be wondering which device is right for you. It all depends on your interests, habits and lifestyle. The first two devices from PAX, PAX 3 and PAX 2, usually attract connoisseurs of cannabis who appreciate the design, have already experimented with different devices and are confident of investing in a robust and heavier piece of technology.

The PAX era is incredibly slim, portable, and affordable. At just $ 45 a piece, it's a stylistic tribute to its predecessors, while it works more like a vaporizer pen. PAX Era bowls (sold separately) can be purchased in retail stores across Canada and come preloaded with concentrates from PAX-approved, licensed manufacturers across the country.

For tech-savvy users, PAX has created an app (currently available on Google Play) that connects to PAX Era and PAX 3. The app includes security features like parental controls and gives consumers a better understanding of tips and tricks on usage, dosage and access to increase the life of the device. It's also worth visiting the content-rich PAX learning portal that can answer most of your burning questions.