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The rise in cannabidiol or CBD in recent years has been truly remarkable. While many people are familiar with CBD oil, the most popular form of this product, a new water-based CBD is now being made. This water-soluble CBD prevails and offers a convincing alternative to the more traditional CBD oil on the market.

What is water soluble?

As the name suggests, the CBD is soluble in water. This means that it can be added to a variety of drinks. CBD oil does not mix well with water-based products. Therefore, the water-soluble CBD offers consumers the opportunity to supply the product with energy drinks, lemonades, teas and even honey. Water-soluble products are nothing new, as anyone who is familiar with powders for making fruit drinks and punch can attest.

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To the
The water-soluble CBD extends the industry by a completely new dimension.
Today, more and more companies are focusing on that
water soluble market. The CBD itself remains the same
Potency, it can be added in small amounts to create the one you want
cause. In addition, the CBD remains effective for a long time in its dry form
Time. It is possible to store water-soluble CBD for many years
it will still be as powerful as when it was bought
as long as the packaging remains sealed.

Like water-soluble CBD

Concentration of CBD comes in at least two forms, isolate and
Broadband distillate. The isolate contains cannabidiol
Concentrations of 10%, 20% or more, depending on how high you are
choose. Since it does not lose its effectiveness during storage, it remains the same
this stage until use. The broad spectrum is available in 10% concentration
and more, but is usually enriched with other cannabinoids or hemp
depending on the brand terpene again.

CBD is sold in different sizes,
Similar to the packaging for fruit-flavored drinks. This means
that you can add them to different amounts of water-based products.
Once the mix is ​​done, you have a limited amount of time
It must be consumed before the mixture breaks down. Because
If it is water-soluble, you can stir the concentrate beforehand or mix it again


are two main advantages of water soluble CBD. The first is the
Concentrated form allows a longer storage of CBD without that
Potency is impaired. This means that you can buy them
Concentrate in quantities that can be stored at room temperature
Years, maybe decades before use.

Second, it is probably more important that you can add any CBD
Water product. From teas to lemonade to more, adding CBD is easy
thanks to its water-soluble shape. And because it doesn't have any
Flavor added unless this was added to the product itself
There are hardly any limits to the use.

No doubt that the popularity of this new version of CBD will
Only grow if more people take advantage of this product.

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