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HempCann Solutions, a startup based in Odisha, selected the city of Bengaluru to open India's first research-based medical cannabis clinic, which will also distribute tablets and oils from the plant from early February 2020 Vedi Herbals the company will build a wellness center and clinic where cannabis-infused tablets can be prescribed for anything from inflammation to anxiety. "Cannabis is mentioned several times in Ayurveda, India's 5,000-year-old medical system," said Sourab Agarwal, Managing Director of HempCann Solutions and a founding member of the Medicinal Cannabis Foundation of India. "India is the birthplace of cannabis, and now is the time to get healthcare professionals to recognize its immense therapeutic value." The medications you can buy here are said to help with inflammation, wormwood, and even your dwindling sex life.

However, if you enjoy drinking from time to time, you may be wondering how it is possible to have such a clinic in a country where weeds are still illegal under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) law. However, the NDPS Act fundamentally prohibits the flowers and resin of the cannabis plant, which are chopped up and put into tubes and bongs to get high, while excluding hemp plants or the leaves and seeds of the cannabis plant. Since these parts of plants also contain cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, the most important psychoactive substance, they justify legal loopholes. “The THC level in most cannabis plants used to make hemp powder or CBD oils in the west of the world is typically no more than 0.3 percent. However, this value can be higher in India because marijuana grows here or only in nature specific government research centers, ”Aayushman Narayan, general manager for business development at HempCann told VICE. According to Narayan, these cannabis capsules and oils are more effective and effective than regular CBD oil because they contain a healthy extract that contains THC, CBD and other cannabinoids to relieve pain and cure diseases.

Another important factor in regulating such cannabis medications is that ancient Indian Ayurvedic practices actively used cannabis as a cure for just about everything. “Our body produces cannabinoids naturally, as does cannabis, which is the basic foundation for using cannabis as a medicine. Since cannabis is already contained in Ayurveda, we have secured the confirmation from the Indian Ministry for Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy (AYUSH), ”says Narayan. For this reason, HempCann has received a license to sell these medicines on a prescription basis, which can be issued by any Ayurveda doctor or via an online consultation.