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The study by researchers from the University of Auckland and the owner of a medical cannabis clinic, Dr. Graham Gulbransen, examined how patients felt after using cannabidiol (CBD), the non-intoxicating compound in cannabis that has given them so much attention in recent years.

The patient was prescribed CBD for the following diseases:

  • Pain symptoms without cancer – 45.6%
  • Mental symptoms – 16.1%
  • Neurological symptoms – 15.1%
  • Cancer symptoms – 23.2%

Of the 397 patients who had a prescription for CBD in Dr. Gulbransen received 250 feedback and 110 patients completed all reviews.

Of the 250 patients:

  • 70 percent stated satisfaction levels of good, very good or excellent for relatively difficult to treat conditions.
  • 30 percent stated no benefit from the use of CBD.
  • 10 percent reported side effects such as calming and vivid dreams.
  • 15 percent reported positive side effects – such as improved sleep or improved appetite.
  • 0.8 reported a deterioration in an existing condition.

Among those who had completed the course of the CBD, the daily dose was between 40 mg and 300 mg. According to an article by the University of Auckland about the audit, CBD oil, which was taken over four weeks, improved the reported quality of life for patients with chronic pain and anxiety-related mental illnesses who are not cancer-free ,

In the audit report, the researchers concluded:

“There can be analgesic and anxiolytic benefits of CBD in patients with non-cancer-related chronic pain and mental illnesses such as anxiety. CBD is well tolerated and can be safely examined for non-cancer-related chronic pain, mental health, neurological symptoms and cancer symptoms. "

However, the report states that patients who did not participate in aftercare and cost barriers were among the limitations of the audit and the results may therefore not be fully representative of the entire patient population.

The study was published in the British Journal of General Practice Open and can be viewed here.

Dr. Gulbransen noted that subsidizing medical cannabis should be considered if the trial results are confirmed by clinical trials. Of the first 400 patients in his clinic, 62 decided against taking CBD oil – and one of the reasons was the cost.

New Zealand's government relaxed the restrictions on cannabidiol in 2017 .


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