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Step aside, Jacks Knob Polish. There's a new weed sex lubricant with a hilarious name, and it contains CBD and mood-enhancing terpenes to get the – um – hot box going and "get in the mood".

The Clitz Spritz des Tonic promises to "stimulate, lubricate and rejuvenate" the vulva with just a few sprays of its weed-enriched oils. The product contains CBD – a non-intoxicating component of cannabis – and terpenes, the aromatic, therapeutic oils contained in eucalyptus, mint, tea leaves … and jug.

"Whether you want to start a fire or ignite the flames of your muffled desire, The Tonic has developed a product that will spark your tinderbox," wrote product critic Louise Hill. "It's also hotter and more fragrant than Gwyneth Paltrows' vagina-scented candle."

Hill claimed that Clitz Spritz could counteract the worst menopause symptoms, such as complete lack of sexual arousal and severe vaginal dryness. But according to the creator of the spray, if it works for menopausal people, it should also work for anyone else who has a vulva.

"Especially for this product, we took the tingling, stimulating terpenes from the cannabis plant … and added them abundantly to the silky grape seed oil to ensure that you got a wonderful tingle and awakening on your clitoris." Kate Henderson, who is also the founder of The Tonic, told The Daily Star. "The CBD will stimulate, increase blood flow, improve feeling and help reduce discomfort."

The use of the Clitz Spritz in the bedroom has one limitation: Since it is an oil-based (and not water-based) lubricant, you should not use latex condoms with this product. Oil eats through rubber, which means that not only most of the condoms are on the chopping block, but also latex membranes and latex-based sex toys fall apart with constant use of Clitz Spritz. And nobody wants to go to the emergency room because a huge kite dong has broken off in their birth canal.

Fortunately, there are alternative water-based weed lubricants that are safe for both rubber and rubber toys. For example, Velvet Swing, created by Mistress Matisse and Chelsea Cebara, uses specially developed water-soluble cannabinoids and terpenes to prime the vagina. And the best thing about Velvet Swing is that it contains THC, which – let's talk about it right now – is really everyone's favorite part of cannabis.

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