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(December 9, 2019) INTRODUCTION:
Cannabis has been illegal in South Africa for a century – but its status is gradually changing.
Although it was not fully legalized, many companies already sell cannabis and cannabidiol products.

This sushi restaurant in Cape Town takes advantage of the latest changes in South African cannabis legislation.
Here at Blowfish Restaurant, chef Jon Wu uses cannabidiol in a sushi sauce.
A May 2019 The exemption in the Medical Act enables the legal trade in cannabidiol or CBD.
CBD is part of the cannabis plant, without the psychoactive or intoxicating aspect, but with claimed medicinal properties.
Up to 20 milligrams per adult per day is the legal limit.
“I think the sauce is great. But no, I didn't try the hemp oil myself, ”says Wu.
Restaurant manager Marc Scheidel claims that CBD has health benefits – although this has not yet been finally proven in medical studies.
“We came up with our CBD-infused sushi: salmon and prawn rolls, topped with salmon and prawns again. And then we lace it up with a Japanese mayo enriched with strawberries, with the CBD oil in the dressing. And it's beautiful, it's delicious, it works like magic. We had no casualties! If anything, you will go home and sleep like magic. And I have to say, if my employees have joint pain, we give them a CBD role and they make it through the shift. It works well. “
There are many health claims for CBD, but few final studies have been conducted.
A 2015 neurotherepeutic study says that CBD has potential for treating anxiety.
The Quality of CBD Products Currently available, and ideal dosages are not certain – 20 milligrams a day can simply be too little.
According to the Traditional and Natural Health Alliance, the South African government is beginning to curb the use of CBD in food.
Still, Bronwyn Tyler enjoyed the CBD sushi.
“As for sushi, it was very different. Sushi is usually quite fishy. Obviously it's raw fish. But as Grant said, the strawberry definitely made a difference. Unfortunately I didn't feel any effects from the CBD. But it was really tasty. “
The second law change in South Africa concerns the use of cannabis containing THC.
This is the stuff that drives you up.
The Constitutional Court owns, uses, and grows adult cannabis for private use without determining how much a person may own.
As Jules Stubbs of the Fields of Green for All non-profit cannabis advocacy group explains, the actual change in legislation is still pending.
“In September 2018, the South African Constitutional Court basically granted de facto decriminalization for the consumption and possession of cannabis. The headlines say that cannabis has been legalized in South Africa, which of course is not the case. We do not believe that it is fully legalized anywhere in the world, including South Africa. But what we have at the moment with this decriminalization is not a change in the law. The laws have to be rewritten. “
Still, companies like Canapax sell cannabis to the public.
Canapax Stellenbosch is one of approximately 60 sales outlets that are operated in South Africa under the name Canapax.
Cannabis smoker Dylan Stevenson says Smoking cannabis helps him escape the stress of the modern world.
Canapax sells cannabis to the public because a traditional healer is on site.

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