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If you have not lived under a rock, you have probably heard of microdosing or taking very small amounts of weeds or hallucinogen. Proponents of microdosing believe that taking a sub-dose (or a small amount that you can barely feel) offers the medical or therapeutic benefits of a psychoactive drug without leaving the dust or flashing like a fuck. Microdosing is often suggested to develop a new drug.

But lately there has been another term in our happy family: macro dispensing. As you may suspect, this is the opposite of microdosing. Instead of taking tiny amounts of pot, acid, mushrooms, or any other psychedelic substance, large or even heroic doses are taken.

Of course, macro dosing is nothing new. It's just the word that's relatively new. People have been massively consuming marijuana and other drugs (including the old standby alcohol) since they were first lit. How else are you going to learn your limits?

And there is nothing wrong with that. If someone really, really wants to be stoned or stumble super hard and doesn't hurt anyone, what's the problem? Everything is good in our book.

But when most people talk about macrodosing, generally more is thought about the action and intention, which focuses on something other than maximizing the psychoactive effects of the drug. What is Macro Dosing? And what are the advantages, if any?

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<p> <strong> Can you macrodose weeds? </strong> </p>
<p> Macro dosing of weeds takes more, often much more than a typical "serving" of THC, which is generally said to be around 10 mg. Doses up to 100 mg THC up to several hundred or even 1,000 mg are not uncommon, especially in medical marijuana patients who have developed a tolerance to the drug, but still find it effective in the treatment of diseases including chronic pain. </p>
<p> Taking so much THC at once is not that easy. With a typical 1-gram pre-roll in the pharmacy that comes in at around 100 mg, you'd have to smoke one yourself in the head to get what most experienced stoners would consider macro-dosing. </p>
<p> Here are concentrates. A swab of high quality wax or splinter can easily deliver 25 mg or more THC. With this potency, you bring a few quick swabs in succession into the area of ​​macro-dosing in the shortest possible time. </p>
<p> Concentrates can also be easily incorporated into food, which means that large doses of THC can be easily absorbed. Brownies up to 1,000 mg have been made, but it is usually recommended to take multiple servings. (But of course a suggestion is just that – a suggestion.) If you take one or more doses at the same time, you quickly get into the area of ​​macro-dosing. </p>
<p> Macro dosing of THC is often more than just a stoning. In addition to pain relief, some proponents of alternative therapy for cancer patients in the form of Rick Simpson Oil or RSO recommend macro-dosing. Under a proposed treatment regimen, small doses of a highly effective (up to 90 percent THC) concentrated cannabis oil are steadily increased to a gram or more per day. </p>
<p> Products that make the macro dosing of THC practical are under fire. Because the anti-cannabis forces are having difficulty maintaining traces of the ban, upper limits for THC levels have been proposed in several jurisdictions. To protect macro dosage as an option for medical marijuana patients, be sure to speak out against them if these types of regulations are enforced in your community. </p>
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Is Macro Dosing Hallucinogens One Thing?

With the resurgence of interest in hallucinogenic drugs and their possible therapeutic effects, the macrodosing treatment of psychedelics is once again one thing. Even the half-straight but always interesting author Michael Pollan immersed himself in the world of macro dosing for his book How to Change Your Mind. For Pollan, macrodosing means taking LSD, psilocybin mushrooms or other psychedelics that are large enough to cause intense, synesthetic hallucinations, such as seeing sounds or feeling colors.

Because an intense journey with large doses of hallucinogens can have a lasting impact on the psyche (one of the keys to the therapeutic potential of the medication), Pollan encourages those considering macrodosing to do so in a clinical setting with an experienced guide to do the way.

Those who take psychedelics often have deeply significant experiences that change their lives forever. However, this is not always the case, as Pollan puts it. He reports that some of his experiences were terrible, while others didn't change everything he knew about the world. But he learned something from every experience. The same applies to Albert Hoffman, the inventor of LSD, who macrodosed himself during one of the first documented acid trips in history.

However, the possible effects of macro-dosing on mental health problems could change the therapeutic landscape as we know it. Researchers see potential in using psychedelic experiences therapeutically to treat diseases such as clinical depression and addiction.

Macrodosing pots or hallucinogens have therapeutic and recreational value, but should not be taken lightly and are not for the uninitiated. It can be terribly uncomfortable to be baked too much or to trip too much. Therefore, make sure that you have experience with the medication before macrodosing.

But if you want to consume five grams of mushrooms or ten tablets of acid or even high doses of THC, it may be advisable to have a sober friend with you or a trip sitter, as they call them. It's nice to have someone close to you who is bound to Earth, especially if you feel like you're on Mars.

That is, if done carefully and in the right environment, macrodosing can be fun and deeply therapeutic. Explore mindfully, psychonauts!

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