Cibdol CBD: Expertise the Swiss distinction in high quality


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The global CBD market is huge and is expected to grow. Worldwide CBD sales are expected to be $ 23.6 billion in by 2025 making it one of the fastest growing markets in history.

While North America is likely to continue to dominate the market during the forecast period, brands in several countries around the world dominate their own part of the industry.

Cibdol is one of them.

Who is Cibdol?

As Europe's leading provider of CBD oil, Cibdol has been active in the CBD business for a long time. Cibdol has been active in various areas of the cannabis industry since 2000 and sold its first CBD oil in 2012. Since then, Cibdol has sold its products in over 29 different countries.

Cibdol naturally dominates the European CBD market.

It goes without saying that Cibdol is doing things right to achieve this level of success.

When founding CBD companies like Cibdol, quality, expertise and transparency are crucial.

Cibdol is based on the premise that transparency is crucial for building trust among its customers, and strives to produce "purely golden" oils of the highest quality that are manufactured without additives or contaminants.

The Cibdol Trial

Cibdol is aware that to create the highest quality CBD, the latest state-of-the-art technologies must be used. As pioneers in the industry, they have made various changes over the years and are constantly striving to improve their customers' experiences.

Cibdol's CBD products begin as organic hemp grown sustainably without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or heavy metals. Harvested hemp is then delivered to Cibdol's Swiss laboratories, where it is extracted using CO2 extraction methods to ensure the highest quality product. Once the oil is extracted, they are sent to the Cibdol headquarters in the Netherlands.

Cibdol's core company values ​​

To be the best, you have to do your best. Cibdol was based on four core values ​​that determine how we work with customers, employees and business partners: transparency, innovation, passion and teamwork.

  • Transparency: Transparency is a key value at Cibdol. They believe that they can build trust in their relationships with employees and customers by being completely open and visible in all of their actions.
  • Innovation: In a rapidly developing market, innovation is essential. Cibdol strives to creatively approach new ideas to meet the changing needs of the CBD market and to offer its customers consistent value.
  • Passion: Cibdol believes that "loving what you do is the way to do great work." They see the passion of their employees as the driving force that helps them to become stronger and to continue to meet the demands and changes of the market.
  • Teamwork: Teamwork really makes the dream work. Understanding that working together helps people achieve great things, Cibdol is committed to teamwork. The strength of her team, says Cibdol, is based on their combined experience and expertise.

Cibdol's commitment to quality

All Cibdol CBD products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Every part of the manufacturing process is made from organic hemp and extracted using modern, state-of-the-art CO2 extraction methods.

Product safety and quality is maintained at every step of the way, with the end products being certified for safety.

Cibdol's food safety system is reviewed annually and complies with the guidelines set by FSSC22000. The company is proud to achieve this food safety certification.

Cibdols CBD oils listed on their Halal certified page are all approved according to Islamic Food Laws.

The test results for each batch of Cibdol CBD oil can be easily found on their website by scrolling to the bottom of any page and clicking on CBD Analysis .

We have seen many companies claiming to be committed to quality and complying with third-party testing, but not all offer these test results on their website. By making these test results available to the public, Cibdol not only offers consumers the security they deserve when buying CBD products, they also pay attention to their core values.

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<h2> <span id= Experience Swiss quality: Cibdol CBD Oil

Cibdol is committed to the “Swiss Approach” to transparent and fair business practices and implements the latest technology to deliver the highest quality CBD. With years of experience producing CBD oil, they are able to produce a consistently pure oil and complete accuracy in the concentration that each bottle of oil contains.

Like most of the high quality oils available, Cibdol's CBD Oil is a beautiful golden hue that reflects its purity. With the latest technology during extraction and production, Cibdol removes all traces of possible contaminants.

Understanding that everyone who uses CBD oil has unique needs, Cibdol offers their oil in three different sizes with three different concentrations to meet those needs. This ensures that both new and experienced CBD users can benefit from their products.

Cibdol is also committed to the environment and ensures that the carbon footprint is limited at every stage of the production process. Every product that Cibdol offers is made from organically grown hemp, which is grown sustainably without the use of pesticides, growth hormones, chemicals or other additives.

The result?

Cibdol customers trust the high-quality, purely golden CBD oil.

Cibdol offers 36 different CBD products, including CBD oils, CBD creams, CBD supplements and CBD beauty products. Every product is rigorously tested to ensure that Cibdol remains “the best of the best”.

Click here to see a video of how some Cibdol products are made in their Swiss laboratory.

Where can you buy Cibdol CBD products?

Would you like to convince yourself of Cibdol's high-quality CBD oils?

We cannot say that we blame you.

Cibdol products are distributed in 29 countries worldwide and can be easily purchased on their website.

CBD oil tinctures range from 230 mg to 1840 mg with a price between 15.95 and 109.95 euros (18 to 124 USD). Tinctures are available with olive oil or hemp oil . Liposomal CBD oil is also available in two different strengths. Cibdol also offers Black Cumin CBD Oil which combines the unique therapeutic properties of both substances to create an enhanced experience.

There are four different CBD creams available, each of which focuses on different skin diseases: psoriasis, acne, eczema and dry hands.

supplements include a CBD oil tincture for sleep containing melatonin and CBD, a CBD nasal spray for the relief of colds or hay fever, a CBD-infused heating balm that keeps joints and muscles supple, vitamin C capsules with CBD and a multivitamin containing CBD .

The seven different beauty products from Cibdol offer a number of different benefits that are designed to help protect, renew and moisturize the delicate natural balance of the skin with natural ingredients.

Free shipping is available for orders over 25 euros.

Are you ready to experience the Swiss difference in quality of Cibdol CBD? We cannot say that we blame you.

Last updated on March 13, 2020