How marijuana consultants top off for 14-day quarantine


David Downs March 16, 2020

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Edible. Swab. Whiskey. Ammunition?

People are raging madly to stock up on potential 14-day quarantines as COVID-19 spreads across our communities. Sure, you need to eat enough. But for many people, cannabis is a medicine for medicine, wellness, and / or boredom.

The tens of millions of cannabis enthusiasts in North America have started charging THC to overcome the first wave of a pandemic that has now been certified. For example, delivery services like Ganja Goddess Delivers in California report a 20-50% monthly increase in sales.

We asked industry leaders and observers in California to tell us: What special cannabis items and other goodies line your bunkers?

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Good old cannabis flower

Fact: weeds get you through times without weeds better than through nature without weeds. Patients and consumers used by adults stated that they feel free to go beyond the legal limit of one ounce general possession given the mitigating circumstances.

  • "One ounce each of organically grown and well rinsed / hardened Mochi Gelato, Lambs Breath and Salty S & # 39; mores OG flowers and 100 hemp roll papers." – Brent Michael, Salt of the Earth Nursery, Monterey
  • "Weeds. Disinfectant wipes. And a collar that keeps me from touching my face. "- Ngaio Bealum, comedian, Sacramento
  • “I kept an eighth, a lighter and a pipe in my emergency equipment for years because it is not a real emergency until I run out of grass. I prefer the nitrogen sealed cans as they are effectively kept forever. "- Mitchell Colbert, Budtender, Oakland
  • For your California editor David Downs, it's two ounces of Alien Labs and Connected 2019 outdoors. plus all edible samples and extracts from the Leafly office.

 Bay Area C.R.A.F.T. Delivery is perfect for preppers. (David Downs / Leafly)

Bay Area C.R.A.F.T. Delivery is perfect for preppers. (David Downs / Leafly)

Extracts and Food

Highly effective cannabis extracts such as hashish, rosin or oils are many times stronger than flowers. They can also be more stable in storage and generate a larger sum in a smaller space. As a result, daily cannabis users fill up with blobs as if they were frozen juice concentrate. Don't forget to use spare parts for electronic hash water pipes like the Puffco Peak.

  • “I mean, I need a lot of rosin for two weeks. … But yes, also food. "- Elise McRoberts, Doc Greens, Sausalito
  • “I block it with my Xbox, PuffCo and my favorite extract brands: Summit Boys, Wox, Raw Garden, Apex, Live Resin Project, Beezle and Santa Cruz Canna Farms. … I have my priorities. Happy drugs> healthy drugs. ”- Chelsea D.
  • "RSO! It's therapeutic and you can eat a lot and just sleep through this corona thing. Side note: I call RSO "Rick Steves Oil" – Adam Mintz, Oakland

DIY devices

Self-sufficiency is so hot at the moment, and that also applies to the production of your own food. There are various devices that infuse butter or oil with cannabis ingredients, and the power should remain on. Don't forget a rosin press.

  • "For my quarantine, I have an air-raid shelter with buds, hashish and kief, and my Magical Butter Maker to cook everything else I could need." – Mitchell Colbert, Oakland
  • "My Levo II machine to infuse all things." – Fabi E.
  • “My supply, which I keep for a rainy day or in this case a quarantine. And a few bags with trimmings + accessories to make a few edibles. And funyuns. ”- Sean R.

Choosing Modalities, Cannabinoids

"You have to cough to get out," is the old saying. But in 2020, cough is problematic, to say the least.

Tokers report that they changed their modalities or chose certain cannabinoids that can reduce anxiety like CBD or cause sleep like CBN. Microdosing peppermint candies or sublinguals can make checking Twitter easier.

  • “I calculated my personal needs for 90 days and bought three or more products. I find that my stress level increases, but I use Breez [mints] with success. It will be a long distance. "- Barbara Blazer, Nurse, Magnolia Wellness, Oakland
  • "I'm taking a break from inhaling cannabis in some form. Just in case. And I'm a flower girl. A multiple bong rips-a-day token. I'll say I'm glad to have some tinctures von Om, Level tablets and many other carefully manufactured products in stock, everything that uses a variety of cannabinoids and extracts with some evidence of effectiveness. ”- Mo, San Francisco
  • "I just received my Sava delivery! Kikoko Calm Mints, Sexxpot Pre Rolls, Space Coyote Infused Pre Rolls, Level Blends Morning Tablinguals and CBG Protabs, Juna Nude Drops, Henry & # 39; s Original, Aster Farms and Swami Select Ready AF for the Apocalypse! "- Shauna Harden, Sonoma County

Complementary vices

Cabin fever is real. Fight boredom and fear with lots of mental distractions like activities, hobbies and goodies. Survivors report that nice-to-haves such as chocolate, coffee and a coloring book are a long way in difficult times.

  • “The same things that are included in my [Public Safety Power Shutoff] kit. Except for all the electronics! Yay! Books, nature walks and Facebook. "- Patricia L., Nevada City
  • "Cigars, Scotch and Ammunition." – David K.
  • "Mezcal" – Daniel Stein, Evolution Bureau, Oakland

How is your cannabis prepper supply progressing? Drop your must-haves in the comments below.

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