Dixie Botanicals® launches new CBD tinctures for strawberries and mandarins


Medical Marijuana, Inc.'s Dixie Botanicals® brand adds two new flavors to its popular line of Dew Drops CBD oil tinctures, offering consumers more choices than before.

Dixie Botanicals® has expanded its line of Dew Drops CBD oil tinctures with two delicious new flavors – strawberry and mandarin – and added to the brand's previously released vanilla and peppermint options. These fruity new flavor options offer a tastier way to enjoy daily servings of CBD oil, and give our consumers even more choice if they're looking for a natural balance boost throughout the day.

Buy new dew drops of CBD oil tinctures

Dewdrop CBD oil tinctures take advantage of the balancing, rejuvenating properties of CBD and infuse CBD oil with a broad spectrum into medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT) and natural aroma. The CBD oil tinctures from Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drops are an ideal CBD product for CBD beginners and longtime CBD enthusiasts.

The new strawberry and mandarin flavored CBD oil tinctures from Dew Drops are available in two sizes and potencies. Choose from our 1-ounce bottle with a total of 250 mg CBD (8.33 mg CBD per serving) and our 2-ounce bottle with 500 mg CBD (16.66 mg CBD per serving). The Dew Drops CBD oil tinctures are packaged in a brown glass bottle with a practical dropper cap and make it easier for you to enjoy the recommended one or two servings a day or to adapt your intake to your personal health needs.

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