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Wherever you look, brands claim to make the best CBD oil. So I was skeptical. Make no mistake: I believe in cannabis. I smoke marijuana. I am concentrating. I consume food. Pot has an extremely positive presence in my life and as the ban continues to crumble, we all see firsthand how weeds improve the world. But CBD sounds like half a pot, so to speak. Can it really help? I decided to find out.

Overcoming the hype

Before legalization was a political trend, I always dreamed of a world where you can experience the benefits of cannabis minus the obligation to be stoned. But that seemed to be a kind of fantasy where you bake cakes and eat them too. Then legalization happened and CBD reached the mainstream.

But now everyone praises CBD – my colleagues, people in bars and shows, my favorite podcasters, and even my mother. People talk about it as if it could raise people from the dead. And although there are true miracle stories about the strong medicinal value of CBD, we're not so sure if it does everything people say it does.

Instead of arousing my curiosity, the excessive hype actually made me more skeptical. I knew that some of these CBD followers were smokers, but many were not. How can I trust you?

The claims seemed exaggerated: CBD relieves anxiety, inflammation, promises pain relief and calms the nerves. It helps you sleep better and feel better when you are awake. It is completely legal and you never feel high.

Really, how could that be?

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<p> <strong> First, what is CBD oil? </strong> </p>
<p> In order to determine whether cannabidiol is snake oil, I looked up: "What is CBD?" The answer was straightforward. </p>
<p> CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is obtained from the hemp plant and is the second most active ingredient in cannabis. And because hemp hardly contains THC – the chemical compound that brings you high – CBD does not cause any feelings of intoxication. </p>
<p> But why should I believe that CBD is doing anything? </p>
<p> People say it treats chronic pain, anxiety, and improves sleep. But if you don't feel it, how do you know it works? At least with THC, you definitely know when it will work. Everything I read made CBD sound like a scam to sell unused hemp parts like hemp seeds and stems. I decided to try it myself. </p>
<p> <strong> In Search of the Best CBD Oil </strong> </p>
<p> So I immediately searched Google for "What is the best CBD?". I don't recommend this because such a broad search basically caused Google to explode. This isn't the most efficient way to research CBD unless you want to feel overwhelmed and confused by companies that claim it's the best CBD – their product, um. </p>
<p> You have to be a bit more precise. I restricted my search to “Best CBD Guide”, which was more like what I was looking for: Education. </p>
<p> At this point, Remedy Review was published. The headline clearly said: "The best CBD oil: what you need to know." Perfect! </p>
<p> After a brief and informative overview, the Remedy Review article included a full list of different CBD recommendations for specific needs: from the best CBD for pain to the best CBD for athletes to the best tasting CBD oil and more. It was a guide for people buying CBD oil online and helped me find the highest quality brands – companies like Fab CBD, NuLeaf Naturals, Lazarus Naturals and Charlotte & # 39; s Web. </p>
<p> I liked the pinpoint accuracy of every medically verified long form description. The authoritative but easily digestible explanation of why each product was ideal for a particular purpose was extremely helpful. </p>
<p> But I had to ask myself whether Remedy Review was just a trick to promote products that are all owned by the same company. You never know it these days – fake news, shrewd marketers, and scammers won't shy away from anything to push an agenda. So I continued to research. </p>
<p> Remedy Review's "About Us" section showed that the website is a completely independent entity that reviews the massive CBD market. The whole reason why it exists is to provide some kind of reference point for people trying to identify the best CBD products to consume. </p>
<p> The specialty of Remedy Review is the creation of guidelines in which medical journals are cited. The website avoids broad, ruthless medical claims while using an intelligent, simple language that breaks down hemp, CBD, mental and physical health, and the brands that the website independently reviews. In other words, it goes much deeper than listing the “best CBD oils”. It teaches consumers about natural ways to spend less on medication and live better. </p>
<p> This was also the only CBD review site that I came across that has ever written a bad review. The story "Laboratory tests show that the majority of products contain less CBD than advertised" was evidence that they operate a database rather than a fluffy review page. </p>
<p> Remedy Review also uses third-party testing for products to catch shady actors. They are on the side of the consumer and offer a service that benefits people who are just hearing about things like the “endocannabinoid system” and the “entourage effect”. </p>
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CBD Oil Review of a weed lover

Finally convinced, I ordered a bottle of Spruce CBD, which Remedy Review declared the strongest CBD oil on the market.

As a cannabis smoker, I wanted a full-spectrum CBD oil so that I could assess the effects of CBD myself. Spruce costs a little more than some of the other products – it's made from U.S. hemp and has a milder taste than some other natural options – but you definitely felt something after it occurred.

And that is exactly what will make a CBD oil the "best" for a pot smoker – feel something. A relaxation. A silence. Money well spent. I got it all from Spruce.

Sleep actually made me think about CBD. I inexplicably throw and turn around at night. When my CBD arrived, I experimented to find the best dosage and now I believe that CBD can help with insomnia. CBD helps me get a velvety sleep without harmful side effects.

Now I'm a CBD convert. Of course – I still love smoking weed and getting high, but I can also say first-hand that CBD works. Remedy Review helped me separate facts from fictions. I think it's like CBD's consumer reports.

Go there, get training, and try out CBD yourself.

This article was created in collaboration with Remedy Review.

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