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Leafly Staff March 23, 2020

Questions about 420? Leafly has answers. Learn about the history of 420, get tips on smoking, partying and safety, find the best 420 cannabis and accessories deals, and more.

This year, we will also keep you informed on how to order, buy and use cannabis safely in the middle of a pandemic, how to support the cannabis industry and how to celebrate 420 friends in a time of social isolation.

What You Should Know For 420

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What is 420?

420 has a firm place in marijuana history. Learn all about the background and origins of 420 and how this date (and time) was anchored in cannabis culture as a calling card, code word and reason to celebrate.

What is 420?

Where did 420 start?

420 offers

As 420 approaches are approaching, retailers across the country are offering great deals on cannabis and accessories. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or dipping your toe for the first time, you get deep discounts on all types of products. And not only is cannabis on sale – pipe, paper, vaporizer and other accessories manufacturers also offer.

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What to do with 420?

420 usually finds people around the world celebrating and consuming cannabis together. Due to public health considerations related to the spread of the coronavirus this year, many of the major public events previously popular on and around April 20 will be canceled, postponed, digitized, or experienced. Here you can keep up to date with news and cancellations. We'll also have suggestions on how to have a safe 420 and what we can all do to embrace the rest of the cannabis community this year, even if you can't leave the house to do so.

Cannabis events canceled due to coronavirus concerns

Find the perfect strain for your 420

Are you looking for a cannabis strain to make your 420 unforgettable? Whether you're enjoying a classic strain or want to get a taste of the latest and greatest new strains, we're here to help you find the perfect marijuana strain for your 420. We offer a different and popular variety every day, along with a note from our staff on why you should try this 420.

100 varieties of marijuana try these 420

The strongest cannabis strains for 420

420 essential

420 is a time for everyone who appreciates cannabis to celebrate and enjoy this special plant in all its forms. Whether you're rolling a joint to enjoy on the porch, or baking enough pot brownies to distribute to a group of friends, whether you're an old mind or a fresh face to the cannabis community, regardless of your chosen one Method of cannabis use This month, Leafly is here to make the most of it.

420 cannabis basics

What do the indica, sativa and hybrid signs mean in your local pharmacy? What does a gram of marijuana look like? How long does it take for cannabis to leave your system? In this article, familiarize yourself with the basic facts about cannabis that break down the basics.

How to smoke, vape and eat cannabis on 420

Smoke it. Vape it either as a flower or as an oil. Eat it in a brownie, biscuit, or gummy bear. Put a little tincture under your tongue. There have never been more ways to use cannabis than now. With so many options, many of which are fairly new, it can be difficult to decide how to use cannabis in this 420. Read the stories below to learn how to enjoy marijuana in this 420, which is right for you. and how to make the most of it.

420 recipes

No matter what you do, cannabis and cooking are two great flavors that taste great together. Below are some of our most popular basic recipes – such as cannabis-infused butter and edible oils – that can add a touch of 420 to any dish, as well as recipes for classic marijuana-enriched recipes like Pot Brownies, a staple self-respect 420 celebration.

Celebrate 420 Responsibly

420 celebrations can be an explosion, but it's important to remember that you can get too much good. If you or a friend have over-indulged in marijuana treats, there are plenty of ways to get an intense high back on the ground or shake off the cobwebs that can accompany the morning after getting a hit or two off the line . Learn how to stay safe and comfortable while celebrating 420 below.

420 during the coronavirus pandemic

There are no two options – this 420 will be a strange one, pretty much wherever you are. Below are resources on where pharmacies are open, how to make sure you spend the least amount of time in them, and what you can do to be a responsible cannabis user at the moment.

Cannabis and Corona Virus: What You Need to Know

Is my pharmacy open and will you deliver?

420 entertainment

Are you looking for something that will keep you entertained all month 420? These masterpieces of stoner cinema are great for ringing 420, but there's never been a bad day to tour.

Films for your 420 mood

75 films to be streamed during stone self-isolation