Might the COVID-19 disaster disrupt Canada's CBD provide?


CANNABIS CULTURE – Given the use of CBD oil, which grows under a variety of conditions, many are wondering whether they can continue to use their product throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

This could throw back the Canadian cannabis market, which has only recently begun to overcome existing bottlenecks. Unfortunately, these bottlenecks still seem to be a problem with most manufacturers focusing on high THC flowers and oils. Given the increasing spread of corona virus, should you stock up on CBD oil before the bottlenecks worsen?

How the corona virus could slow the production of CBD oil

The corona virus could slow down the production of CBD oil mainly through interruptions in the supply chain that are required for the production of CBD oil. One of the most obvious disruptions in the CBD oil supply chain are the hemp plants themselves. From 2017, China was responsible for about a third of the entire global hemp market . The outbreak of the corona virus will disrupt domestic production of CBD oil based on hemp from China.

The same problems could arise with CBD oil itself. In 2016, China built the largest CBD extraction plant. Institutions like this support the entire Canadian CBD oil market. In 2018, Canada imported nearly fifty kilograms of CBD medical or scientific products that grew from thirty kilograms in 2017. This growth in imports of CBD products does not appear to increase until 2019 and into 2019 2020. However, with the restrictions and stoppages caused by the corona virus, these imports could experience serious disruptions that lead to a further shortage of CBD oil across Canada would.

Canada Post Delivering

Another problem for Canadians who want to buy CBD oil is the delivery service of the Canada Post. The legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2018 opened the market for delivery services that pharmacies across the country quickly took advantage of. This type of sales is becoming increasingly difficult with the coronavirus pandemic because some Canada Post locations have been completely closed and everyone else has shortened their working hours. They have also implemented measures to protect their workers during deliveries. This slows delivery times and could possibly worsen as the number of cases increases and Canada Post is forced to take more extreme measures.

How much do you rely on CBD oil?

When deciding whether to stock up on CBD oil, you need to find out how much you rely on CBD for your daily life and overall health. With the many benefits of CBD oil some people absolutely need it, like children who have severe pediatric epilepsy that causes seizures. Treatment with CBD oil can reduce the frequency of these seizures by more than 75 percent. Other people need it to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy in their cancer treatments. It can help relieve nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, and pain. For anyone who really relies on CBD oil for health reasons, it would make sense to take care of themselves before the coronavirus leads to further supply shortages.

Another way people use CBD is to relieve their anxiety, and the coronavirus has caused a lot of fear in people around the world. This means that an increase in demand for the already low level of CBD oil in Canada can be expected. This also means that anyone currently using CBD because of their fear may have difficulty finding available CBD as the pandemic increases. If you stock up now before the bottlenecks worsen and more people see CBD as a way of overcoming their fears, it would be the safest way to ensure that you have care during this pandemic.

However, if you do not rely on CBD oil for health reasons, those who rely heavily on CBD oil will not be able to access if you over-stock CBD oil. This can cause serious complications for people who rely on CBD. So if you want to stock up, be polite to those who need it for medical purposes.

Secure access to CBD oil

If you choose CBD oil, buying your product online is a safer option than visiting the store when it comes to coronavirus related risks. CBD Oil Canada has seen a surge in CBD sales in recent weeks. Many of them are new customers who have mentioned that they are trying to avoid going out. When you shop online, you no longer have to go to a potentially crowded store where you can become infected with the virus.

Coronavirus 2019 or CoVID-19 is spread primarily through personal contact. This can be done by simply breathing in the same air as someone who is infected or touching something that has been exposed to the virus through coughing or sneezing. Every time you go to a store in public there is a risk of coming into contact with an infected person. It is possible for the coronavirus to spread even before someone shows symptoms.

When you order online, Canada Post simply drops your box of CBD oil at the door. Canada Post has held almost all the required signatures so you don't even have to sign for your delivery. You bring it to your home in a safe place, reducing contact with other people and the risk of getting COVID-19.

Should I order earlier than later?

Given the high level of uncertainty surrounding the corona virus, it is still unclear how long this pandemic could continue and what additional disruptions it could cause. We really don't know how much worse this could get. So if you order your CBD oil now instead of later, you can save yourself from leaking if bottlenecks spread across the country.

It could also be more difficult to buy CBD oil not only from an inventory perspective, but also to go to the store or shop online. If Canada Post continues to reduce its business, delivery may no longer be an option to buy your CBD oil. Governments could also take stricter quarantine measures that would make it impossible for you to go to the store and buy CBD oil. Between increasing travel restrictions, the limitation of services offered by Canada Post, and disruptions in the CBD oil supply chain, stocking up with CBD oil is the only way to ensure that you have supplies throughout the pandemic.