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We are experiencing one of the most transformative moments in human history. The COVID-19 virus spread around the world in less than six months, leaving thousands dead and hundreds of thousands sick. This disease not only shows the cracks in the American system, but also acts as a backlight for the breaks in the global system. It's hard not to feel stressed, scared, confused, and even sick now that we're facing global disease and being forced into isolation. It is as if we have had a collective break. Despite the uncertainty, everything will be fine in the end. We just need to focus on skills that will help us stay grounded and healthy in this difficult time.

Before I dive in, a little bit about who I am. My name is Dee Dussault and I was a pioneer of Ganja Yoga. We are a global community of modern cannabis yogis who use the old practice of mixing cannabis and yoga. This practice is not the average set of asanas (postures) through which people are typically guided in yoga classes. Our cannabis-enhanced practice is designed to help people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels find deep relaxation through conscious, light movements. When MERRY JANE asked me to write a little piece to help people calm down in this very stressful time, I was honored.

Here are the five most important tips from a mindful yogi for health and well-being during the outbreak of the corona virus – and afterwards.

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<p> <strong> Be active every day </strong> </p>
<p> We were all asked to practice social distancing and to stay at home. Given the way our society works, most people only stay at home to sleep. We rely on the outside world to fill in the details of our lives – work, school, food, entertainment and exercise. Now that we are isolated, we could stagnate and get bored. </p>
<p> But it is important to maintain our immune system. It is important not to let go of the accelerator so as not to get sick, but we are in good health if we move a lot throughout the day. Most people don't realize that our muscles and other tissue cells need exercise to circulate nutrition and eliminate waste. In addition, if you stay in the same position every day, our bodies will kill muscles (or form sticky, sore spots). So if you use this social distancing time to catch up on Netflix shows, you should plan some time each day for stretching, dancing, walking, weight training, or really any movement. </p>
<p> One of my favorite poses that helps me achieve physical wellbeing before going to bed is Happy Baby. They lie on their backs, bend their knees and then slowly bring one foot and then the other into the air – soles to the ceiling, knees fall towards the armpits. If you can, hold the outer edges of your feet tightly, or use a yoga belt or bathrobe tie. Breathe with relaxed shoulders and open the lower spine. </p>
<p> If you need more yoga inspiration, you can get a free monthly subscription to Ganja Yoga Online or visit me LIVE on Instagram on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings! </p>
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Reaching and touching someone – practical

Health is so much more than what we eat and how much we train. Good health also arises from our connections to others. How much love we give and let into our lives increases the level of serotonin to feel good in the brain and makes us emotionally and physically more resistant to stress – and stress is related to almost every illness and illness. So at the moment it's critical to manage it and do things that make you feel good, such as talking to people you love.

Serotonin is also released when we do thoughtful things for others. Even if we cannot physically help others at the moment, we can try to examine those who are in complete isolation. Call or send a text to see if they have everything they need. It's a cliché, but it's the little things that really matter in times of crisis.

And while you're at it, call your parents and check them out. Family dynamics can be complicated, but in stressful times, connecting to your family unit can be just the comfort we need. Whether your friends are your family or you have a close-knit group of relatives, organize a virtual game night (stoned charades are my current favorite and highly recommended), a cooking class, and a book club (digital book selection from your local library is likely to always be still accessible or use audiobooks) or organize an old-fashioned cloud of smoke with people you care about.

After all, you are not afraid to feel and express your feelings. If you want to cry, you cry. If you have a more cerebral language, write down how you feel. Or maybe you can use Instagram to express how you feel to let others know that they are not alone with their experience. Whatever you're feeling right now is fine.

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<p> <strong> Watch what you consume </strong> </p>
<p> At the moment it is impossible not to be overconscious of what is happening on the internet and on social media – it is a mess. If you don’t avoid all of your feeds, it’s difficult not to get scary news. We all want to be informed, but eventually too much information – especially contradicting information – becomes an energy absorber and affects our mental health. </p>
<p> See if you can find less surprising sources like the John Hopkins Corona Resource Center. It's also best to limit your message consumption to a specific time of day – and not before bedtime, so that you can sway yourself into a peaceful dream state, rather than your subconscious digesting problems that are beyond your control. </p>
<p> Speaking of sleep hygiene, now is the perfect time to catch up on sleep. It is as important as what you eat and how much you exercise. It is also important to reduce the consumption of inflammatory foods such as alcohol, coffee, refined sugar and things that we are allergic to, as they also ignite us more. </p>
<p> Vegetables are your friend now more than ever. Nutrition is life, and colorful products are the most life-giving foods. Probiotic foods strengthen our immune system, as does vitamin C. If you like to cook, you can prepare fermented vegetables with brine. The advantage of preparing vegetables in this way is that they are more nutritious than raw or cooked vegetables and contain much needed probiotics. Studies show that when nutrients come from food, vitamins, like cannabis, tend to have an "entourage effect" and are more bioavailable than a processed pill form of vitamin. </p>
<p> One last note about food: I use this time to notice how impulsively I was bored earlier or turned to food as a reward, and now I only think about fuel. What is the cheapest, most nutritious food I can eat and the least amount possible so that there is no waste? I will continue this relationship with food after the apocalypse. Try to focus on the way you are consuming. This can lead to a big change of perspective. It could also create awareness of habits that no longer serve us. </p>
<p> And on the subject of consumption – and I'm sorry to bring bad news – smoking cannabis may not be a good choice for lung health now. Instead, avoid burning by vaping pure cannabis oil or flowers at a low temperature. If you can avoid inhalation altogether, you should. Instead, try using tinctures or foods. </p>
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Note negative soliloquy

This turbulent time is the perfect opportunity to release habits and thoughts that no longer serve us. Isolation can help raise awareness of these patterns. Critical inner judgment is something that most of us developed as children because our brains were still forming and our parents did not realize how impressive we were even to their slightest negative clues.

It is time for us to become parents again and learn to really deeply love ourselves and to forgive, understand and be patient with every mistake we have. For example, if you spill your coffee, you'll notice your instinct to say, "I'm such an idiot." If you are only aware of this, you can break this unconscious pattern. Try to rephrase it as soon as you see it: "Everyone does this, no big deal." These seemingly small changes will have a huge impact on our self-esteem and self-representation over time.

Also note your thoughts on health and wellness. See if you can focus on positive thoughts and gratitude instead of fear-based thoughts. Instead of "I did not have a very healthy lifestyle, I will probably get sick" try to rephrase yourself: "I am now committed to my health and improve my resilience with every little step."

Here it can be very helpful to find a responsible person. In this way you can both agree to observe and (lovingly) change your own judgmental inner thoughts for a week. This deeper exercise (and if you let someone stick to the exercise) will completely change your perception. Your awareness will grow. The next time you check in with your friend to see how it's going, you'll likely have a lot to talk about.

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<p> Photo by Dee Dussault </p>
<p> <strong> Last but not least: doing yoga <br /> </strong> <br /> I save the best tip at the end, because patience is a virtue! </p>
<p> Seriously, yoga and martial arts are old practices that should help us to be healthy, balanced and relaxed. There are thousands of yoga approaches, tens of thousands of movements and poses, so there is definitely something for everyone. </p>
<p> Many people are surprised to hear that yoga is much more than physical forms and movements. It is also about the awareness or mindfulness that we bring into the postures and the practice of deepening the breath. </p>
<p> Do you want to breathe a few laps deeper with me? We start by sitting upright, although practicing can be done in any position. When counting how long it takes to inhale, consider whether you can extend it to at least four seconds. (One thousand … two thousand … three thousand … four thousand.) </p>
<p> Good. Now exhale, one … two … three … four. Inhale to four, exhale to four. And if you can go to five or even six seconds, do it – as long as this is not a burden. Even ten of these can significantly reduce anxiety, stress, and body aches. </p>
<p> My book Ganja Yoga is available on Amazon if you are looking for easy reading while protecting yourself on site. In it you will learn the history and medicine behind cannabis-enhanced yoga, poses, breathing exercises, meditations and a recipe for an old ganja yoga milkshake. There are some other amazing yoga teachers who can help you delve deeper into wellbeing during quarantine: Jassamyn at Under Belly Yoga, a practice designed for slender people; YouTube superstar yoga with Adriene; or one of my thirty certified ganja yoga teachers across the continent is an ace when it comes to helping others maintain their mental and physical wellbeing. </p>
<p> There you have it, friends: These are the mental, physical and social ways we can stay healthy and relaxed, now and always. Stay healthy, stay inside, don't share any joints and keep washing those hands! </p>
<p> Follow Dee Dussault on Instagram and visit Ganja Yoga Online </p>
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