6 Unusual Methods to Use Hashish


Meg Hartley April 8, 2020

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The leisure market was once limited to plant or butter form and opened products such as tinctures, vape pens, themes and much more. If you are new to cannabis or live in an illegal state, this may be news for you alone.

However, there are more innovations in the cannabis industry than the typical products. Therefore, we have summarized the product selection of some unusual forms of cannabis use.

These products help all types of people receive the medication or relaxation they need, in a form that makes cannabis use more practical for all types of people. Get ready to branch …

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(courtesy of Mary’s Medicinals)

This product is a dream for medical users! These sticky spots are 2 x 2 inches and should be placed in a venous location on the skin, e.g. B. on your foot or wrist. They release cannabinoids for up to 12 hours, making them great for sleeping – no waking up to take another pill or smoke another bowl with these men.

You're dreamy about traveling too – TSA agents may get keen on what a vape pen looks like, but they can't tell your canna patch from one that releases nicotine or birth control.

While the idea of ​​chewing creates many problems, this product should not be neglected because of its similarity to tobacco products. The packaging looks like a normal dip can, but when you open it there are small bags inside. These bags are filled with coconut fibers, essential oils, monks and a dry cannabis tincture.

As a Leafly reader, you probably know that holding a normal tincture in your mouth (rather than swallowing it) will absorb it directly into your bloodstream instead of going through your stomach, which takes longer. If you hold the canna bag in your cheek, this process will be used, which will provide relief in 10 to 15 minutes and release medication for up to 40 minutes. The bag is not visible.

Cannadips are available in American spices, citrus fruits and mint. (Hot tip: mint goes well with coffee.)

(courtesy of Stillwater)

Have you ever wished you could just add a drink or food to cannabis? Well now you can! Ripple is supplied in powder packs with one serving that is odorless, tasteless, calorie free, soluble and full of THC and / or CBD. This means that you can add something to your water bottle, sprinkle on your cereal, or pour it into almost anything you can think of.

Ripple packets contain organic coconut oil, sorbitol, modified food starch and cannabinoid distillates – so there is nothing too crazy to make this releasable magic possible. (Although sorbitol is not recommended in excessive amounts, you may not add it to anything you can think of . You also have a CBD-heavy variety and a 1: 1.

Sometimes you want relief to come quickly, and sometimes you want it a little later. Pills, tablets and capsules offer the delayed effects of food, but are quick and discreet. Suppose you don't want to be rocky when it comes to finding part of a concert, going through security, finding a seat, etc. – but you want the comforting feeling of food inside out as soon as the show starts . Just take it (or them) the second you park and you will be chillaxed in time for the show.

Likewise, medical consumers can use this form of cannabis if they know they are unable to take medication. Suppose you are in a long meeting and are concerned that your pretreatment will not continue throughout the event. You can take this 10 mg capsule before it starts.

And if the meeting is too long, take another one before the symptoms recur. They pretend that it is a normal old Advil and not a symptomatic THC.

Gum and Peppermint Candies

(courtesy of Joygum)

Chewing gum has never been so fun! Another super stealth product, Joygum can be thrown in a bag – ideal for relaxing a plane trip, suppressing unexpected symptoms or spicing up a boring event.

Another gum that is absorbed through the oral mucosa begins to work in just ten minutes. It comes in 7 flavors with a variety of THC: CBD ratios.

And it must be mentioned that chewing gum is not the only thing that rocks him in the mouth refreshing canna department! Menta Mints are another way to dose with good breath. They are available in four flavors, three with THC and one with CBD.

Breath Strips are another great option – the version of Escape Artists is available in Minty Mint and Sour Lemon with 10 mg THC each.

These were formulated with the female needs in mind to relieve pain and discomfort during menstruation and have been a stroke of luck for thousands of endometriosis fighters .

However, they can also be inserted into the other hole where the sun is not shining. It takes approximately 20 minutes to provide localized relief (near the spine). through the rectum) for other types of pelvic pain, IBD, lower back pain and sciatica.

But when used in this way, they also have some cheekier advantages. If you are interested in sensual activities in this area, but the idea of ​​it, um, strains you then these should help to relax things .

If this is not for you, rectal use of this product can also help with clitoral and penile arousal problems. They should be used 30-60 minutes before sex.

Other Bonkers Esswaren

(Courtesy of Cornucopia)

This list would not be complete without highlighting some out there and undervalued groceries from Leafly's extensive collection – because we live in an era when you can buy Weedos . and people don't celebrate this fact nearly enough.

If you don't feel cheesy, you may need some Mixed Fruit Crispy Treats – a portion of cereal, a portion of mallow and up to 50 mg of THC grade , mmm.

Still not quite on the Munchie spot? You need to look for something heartier, like Infused Beef Jerky ? No? Maybe if you add a little Pot Sauce ? Let's go.

It's a good time to be alive, isn't it?

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