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There is nothing better than outstanding CBD rubbers, especially in times of crisis. So you better believe that we have consumed more cannabis gums in the past three weeks than we have in our entire life. And given the circumstances, we have fun thanks to CBDfx. The California-based company is our brand for CBD because it does everything well: flawless products, transparent practices, convenient online ordering, and stunning customer service.

The best part is that all of their products rock. From Vapor juices and pens to CBD capsules to topical creams, drinks, face masks and tinctures for pets, their products are the benchmark for quality. You know what you get every time and you never have to worry about feeling drunk.

One of the best CBDfx products is now bigger and better too! The company has just launched more flavors of its delicious CBD candy gums! Now we have more choices because CBDfx is the bomb. And these sweet treats taste just like gums, not cannabis – which is a huge accomplishment in the edible world because the plant has a pungent taste. In addition, rubbers protect the system, which all of our bodies currently need. And let's not forget that keeping gums with other supplements is an easy way to remember your daily dose of CBD. Who doesn't want to reduce fear and increase general wellbeing?

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<p> CBDfx achieved its best-in-biz status by taking the time to maintain perfection. As a result, they created one of the best rubber lines we've ever tried – and we love rubbers. They reached this level by working according to a company-wide code according to which no rubbers would reach the public if they did not meet the company's high standards. After many formulation tests, they finally got it right. </p>
<p> CBDfx produces 100 percent natural gums from hemp, which are grown on a state-of-the-art farm. The gums are 100 percent vegan, gluten-free and contain no corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, GMOs or other harmful chemicals. </p>
<p> In addition, the 5 mg cannabidiol in each gummy bear is derived from a broad-spectrum formulation that enables each bite to pack all beneficial aspects of the hemp plant. You can read all of this (and more) on the bottle's labels and – much more in detail – the CBDfx lab reports that the company publishes online for everything it manufactures and sells. </p>
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That's all for the technical stuff. Now we come to what everyone wants to know: What do CBDfx rubbers taste like? and how well do they work?

In the past, we often found that CBD gums tasted seriously “earthy” because we had to make do with non-CBDfx gum options. In fact, such earthiness happened so regularly that we even thought all CBD gums tasted of dirt. After looking through the full range of CBDfx gums, we are happy to announce that these bite-sized beauties deliver delicacies in the mouthful.

In addition, CBDfx gums showed the clearest effect in the areas in which we use CBD specifically: anxiety, insomnia and muscle pain. Of course, that's just us. However you use CBD, we are confident that these heavenly rubbers will get you there too.

These CBD preparations are currently available in packs of 60 with 300 mg in each bottle. Your berry-flavored bears are among our favorites. But they also have gums with turmeric and spirulina (to increase your superfood intake); Gums for sleeping with melatonin; Gums with apple cider vinegar (plus a hint of pomegranate); and gums with biotin (to help with hair, skin and nervous systems). CBDfx also produces multivitamins for men and women. Talk about an ideal self-care product line!

In addition, our experience with CBDfx customer service is always phenomenal. Recently, my partner wondered if the company's rejuvediol CBD massage oil should be chilled (the answer is no, it shouldn't – and yes, this person was stoned). It was crazy, but we have a living person on the line who answered our questions directly, decisively and in the best of moods.

We mention this here because, given the current state of the world, we fear that there may be complications in the delivery of CBDfx gums – or for any other product. We contacted customer service to clarify their delivery status, and the extremely helpful representative again explained step by step how our rubbers arrive, when to expect them and who we are supposed to reach. Unpredictable hurdles.

That is why CBDfx gums are still the absolute highlight in the arena of droolable, chewable CBD treats.

This was done in partnership with CBDfx