The most effective vaporizers for hashish oil and concentrates


Matt Stangel April 16, 2020

The rise of the swab was meteoric and went hand in hand with a quick interest in industry as a new generation of consumers preferred concentrate to flowering. It's hard to say whether technology made culture possible or whether culture made technology possible, but blobs and devices go hand in hand – as much from necessity as from fashion.

A rig makes a swab, and vaporizer companies quickly benefited from this simple high-ven match to develop products that populate the various forks in the swab options tree.

Whether you want to replace a flashlight and a nail, have a safer experience, or just want to improve your consumption ritual, we've looked carefully at the point where vaporizers and swabs cross to get the best technical money for you find buy.

We have divided our device overview into two sections: desktop devices and cordless / portable technology. Take a look at the table of contents to skip it.

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Tabletop Oil Vapes

Cordless and portable oil vapors

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Tabletop Oil Vapes

On one side of the concentrate evaporator spectrum are devices that are designed for ultimate portability and fast, convenient sessions. On the other hand, you have your vending machines at home. These devices reinforce the ritual and tend to be better in terms of taste, control and steam quality.

In the meantime, prices and functionality vary widely. Read on to find the best table top vaporizers available today.

Switch by Dr. Dabber

Simplicity at its best

Price: USD 319.95

Features at a glance: satin, glass percolator, induction heating technology, 25 preset heating cycles for oil and herbs, interchangeable induction cups (ceramic options for oil and leaf are in stock; quartz and "smooth ceramics" available), through charging, more than 150 heating cycles per Charge, self-cleaning function, automatic cooling, programmable user-defined heat cycles.

What is to be loved?

  • Excellent taste
  • water filtration
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • rechargeable battery operation
  • User friendly

What's the catch?

  • Although maintenance is simple, it is required after each use.

One-button operation, 25 preset temperatures that are tailored to both concentrates and herbs, an easy-to-use design and cordless functionality give the switch from Dr. Dabber a place in my TV room.

But this device has much more to offer than its ease of use. Exhibit A is the fully integrated glass percolator, which enables contemporary standards for water filtration / cooling with durable borosilicate glass that can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Personally, I am most impressed with the seamless design of the switch, which effectively isolates internals from oil or water that could otherwise get to a place where liquids should not be present. Interchangeable induction cups fall into a frosted glass chamber, forming a final layer between liquids and the valuable internals that bring a flawless user experience to life.

Given the perfection of the switch for beginners, the price is a little prohibitive for the curious – but if you want to spend $ 300 to $ 400 on a first device, you can use the switch to let off steam without much fuss.

Low temperature innovation

Price: $ 1,249.99 – $ 1,449.99

Features at a glance: Extensive ecosystem of interchangeable heating elements, wireless induction heating technology, silicone whip, industry-leading durability, high-quality aluminum housing, integrated water pipe compatibility, on and off buttons, timer, fail-safe overheating, sensor for automatic shutdown.

What is to be loved?

  • Best-in-class taste
  • Very detailed cloud control
  • High-performance construction
  • Long-term swabs with low temperature never seen before
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Made in the USA

What's the catch?

  • High Price
  • learning curve

Reflux from Indux Labs, a Texas-based manufacturer, is the first major update to the extract experience since the dab started. Do you think taste does not meet for seconds, but for minutes for minutes, and that is what reflux enables.

An unprecedented range of temperature ramps are provided in one place using an induction-based electromagnetic coil to wirelessly activate a system of interchangeable heating elements – metal pins of various sizes, shapes and metallurgical compositions.

Yes, reflux can easily achieve hot-tempo sessions with banger replacement, but it's the never-before-seen, low-temperature long-term extracts that justify the exceptional price.

Slowly layered flavor cakes are the culmination of reflux. In the meantime, this thing is built like an industrial power tool.

The reflux is visually inspired by executive class audio systems and sits on a table with the form factor of a tube amplifier and the brushed aluminum surfaces of a military-grade Apple product. Indestructible is the first word that comes to mind when I try to describe the quality of workmanship.

Of course, the price here is substantial – starting at $ 1,249.99 for the brushed aluminum version and $ 1,449.99 for the anodized black surface that comes with a hard case carrying case. With almost endless combinations of heating elements at your disposal, it is also fair to expect a reasonable amount of trial and error to find your perfect cloud.

That is, once you've dialed in, you'll never want to have your statements run through another rig.

Peak from Puffco

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Portable swab bong with an active community of third-party accessory manufacturers

Price: $ 379.99

Features at a glance: Integrated water filtration, airway made of ceramic and glass, four temperature settings, exchangeable ceramic bowl, exchangeable heating element, 30 heating cycles per charge, 20 seconds heating-up time, temperature sensor and automatic calibration, packaging also serves as a carrying case.

What is to be loved?

  • Backpack portable table form factor
  • Robust construction
  • Excellent taste
  • Extreme ease of use
  • Easy cleaning
  • Third-party accessory manufacturers offer adjustments

What's the catch?

  • Expensive alongside more powerful options

Few vaporizers have made waves like the tidal formations rising from Puffco’s Peak. Since its release, focused consumers have gathered to celebrate this success: an electronic swab that is small enough to take with you and powerful enough to meet the benchmarks of table steam generation and flavor retention.

The peak works similarly to a conventional swab rig: switch on one of four heating cycles, wait until the haptic sums announce the peak temperature, drop your extract into the ceramic bowl and tear it apart as usual.

As an unexpected bonus, Puffco offers several unique accessories: The packaging in which the device is delivered doubles as a carrying case, while Puffco has created several silicone attachments, including a storage compartment for Q-tips and swab tools that fit over the glass Tube like a little backpack.

Speaking of bonus features: A strong community of third-party glassblowers is now producing artistic replacement tubes for the peak. Striking examples appear on Instagram every day, with accounts such as @puffcopeakattachments as a starting point for newbies who want to adjust their peak.

Aside from strong community engagement and customization options, the Peak is a breeze and does exactly what it needs. The combination of the portability of the backpack and the function to replace banger gives the Peak its own island between continents of wax crayons and table-only rigs – a simple favorite for this reviewer and the entire community.

Beam by Mr. HotBox

Wireless burners without flame

Price: USD 369.99

Features at a glance: Wireless heating technology, one-button functionality, coupled with an existing glass banger / bong / water pipe (not included in the scope of delivery), provided with steel and wood cladding, international power conditioner that can be used anywhere.

What is to be loved?

  • Flameless, wireless flashlight
  • One-button function, always available
  • Zero cleanup
  • water filtration
  • Americans made

What's the catch?

  • Manual heat control
  • Similar experiences can be had for less money

The Beam is a flameless and wireless flashlight that was developed in response to cheap and sketchy butane devices.

A thin piece of metal is attached to a glass bang that hugs the bottom and sides to do the work of a torch, but without all the fire. To operate the device, simply move the modified honey bucket over the bar, wait for the metal to glow orange, and then dab as usual.

Refining a technique to get your favorite hit may require some trial and error. For this reason, other devices are more beginner-friendly – however, anyone who already has a swab should feel comfortable using the beam.

For those looking for a burner option that's safer than dubious butane setups, the Beam is combined with your existing rig to take it into the wireless era.

Flameless Torch

Price: USD 300

Features at a glance: Compatible with (not included) glass bongs with a 14 mm or 18 mm socket, a custom quartz bang, a precise digital temperature control, a digital screen, a through-charging, a self-cleaning function and one Drawer.

What is to be loved?

  • Turn your bong into a cyborg swab rig
  • Battery operated for cordless operation
  • Say goodbye to torches
  • Simple operation

What's the catch?

  • Seems like it should be sold for less
  • A bit chunky overall experience

Should you be discouraged by the wallet-thinning prices in Mr. HotBox's e-nail line, we would like to take you to Hyers Big-E Rig.

The Big-E-Rig is compatible with all – not included – glass bongs, bubblers etc., which have a standard 14 mm or 18 mm inner joint and a flat, circular base for docking to the Terminal control station.

The control station is located at the bottom of a water pipe and houses the battery and electronics of the Big-E-Rig – complete with a digital screen, precise temperature setting and even a small drawer for storing tools or a concentrate of your choice.


The operation is very simple and will probably feel intuitive to anyone who is in the vicinity of a swab device: A connected heating element fits into the bottom of a custom quartz bang that supplies your extracts with heat and your bong with steam.

While I appreciate any simple operator who delivers a safer version of the consumption, the overall effect of the Big-E-Rig is a bit bulky. A wire that connects the control station and the heating element acts like an extension cord that winds across the floor of a living room and is an obstacle that you must step over every time you use it.

Given that there are devices like Dr. For Dabber's Switch that are simpler, leaner, less expensive, and ready to go, I really wish the Big-E Rig would be sold for at least $ 100 less than it currently is

Cordless and portable oil vapors

Ten years ago, dabbing on the go meant packing a glass bong, a torch and a nail, and all the little things – the sticky stuff and the tools for parsing portions.


Gone are the days of the sketchy blob. Here in 2020, a sip of hashish on the go is tiny, quick and painless. The tech shift began with modifications to e-cig atomizers and batteries – just like those that make up popular cartridge systems.

Nowadays the market is overflowing with ways to get your swab up to temperature wherever you are. Here are our preferred wireless and portable oil and concentrate vape solutions.

Dipper by Dip Devices

The original swab straw

Price: 115 USD

Features at a glance: Interchangeable top loading quartz and coil atomizers with "steam tip" for use in straw style, various surfaces, additional water pipe attachment.

What is to be loved?

  • Extreme ease of use
  • Competitive taste performance
  • Innovative, tool-free operation
  • Beginner friendly

What's the catch?

  • High maintenance
  • Limited but decent battery life
  • Copy machines improve technology and lower prices

If you avoid concentrates because they are messy and require a number of tools to properly deal with them, the dipper could still make you a swab.

Thanks to the first and widely used steam tip – an atomizer that Dip Devices developed to immerse directly in an extract container – no device delivers a quick concentrate blow with less effort than the dipper. negate the need for small spoons or shovels.

Just breathe in at one end as you run the atomizer over your oil. The overall effect is a consumer experience that can essentially occur anywhere – a rare thing, even with all the portable devices on the market today.

The mouthpiece of the dipper is also of interest to consumers. It is removable and can be worn on both ends of the device to serve as a pocket protector at the same time. It seals the atomizer and any sticky residue that you don't want to get anywhere on your clothes, handbag or backpack.

In this pocket-safe configuration, the dipper can be used as a globe-style wax stick and contains an additional top-loading atomizer for this purpose.

The main complaint that people seem to have about the dipper is that the device can easily become clogged by reclaims that can't go anywhere. This means that regular maintenance and cleaning are required if you want to avoid removing the internal airway with a paper clip.

Blaze by Linx Vapor

Portable flavor saver in your pocket

Price: $ 135

Features at a glance: Four preset temperatures, one-button operation, interchangeable, coil-free quartz and ceramic plate atomizers, glass mouthpiece, magnetic mouthpiece cap, stainless steel housing, tiny carrying case, 510-thread battery, cartridge compatibility.

What is to be loved?

  • Above-average taste performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple operation
  • Slim design
  • Steam path for medical purposes

What's the catch?

  • More expensive than many wax crayons

In their infancy, most, if not all, of the wax sticks, concentrate balls, and Dipper-style devices used coil atomizers.

The spool atomizer, like a miniaturized version of the filament in a light bulb, delivers less precise heat than a hotspot, which only ensures that it works. The problem with this setup is that the concentrate that is in direct contact with the atomizer evaporates while the rest are baked together in cool places. So you can accumulate a lot of structure and an uneven expression of your swab.

The Blaze from Linx Vapor is a decided departure from the coil atomizer. It comes standard with two interchangeable heating elements: an inlaid, coil-free quartz option called Ace, which is designed for durability and easy cleaning, and the Zero, which is equipped with a ceramic plate for fast heating and larger clouds.

Experience is way ahead of an average wax crayon – it avoids the hotspots that coil atomizers have in common in order to achieve uniform warmth and corresponding taste clarity.

The Blaze is pocket-safe thanks to a magnetic steel cap that protects the glass mouthpiece. It comes with a padded hard case carrying case for replacement atomizers, swabs, etc., which is a nice realistic plan for Linx. After all, the Blaze works best if you treat it like a swab rig – load, soak, wipe, repeat – so it's nice to have a case to make the ecosystem of the tools you need as portable as the device itself .

As an unannounced bonus feature, the Blaze is equipped with a standard battery with 510 threads, so that it is compatible with pre-filled oil cartridges. This reduces the number of devices that you might otherwise have to carry.

Tiny, tool-free and affordable

Price: USD 49.99

Features at a glance: quartz double coil atomizer, built-in dab tool and concentrate container / glass lined with silicon, one-button functionality.

What is to be loved?

  • Portable bag
  • Magnetic atomizer cover
  • Storage compartment for pull-outs
  • Simple price

What's the catch?

  • Hit or Miss Performance
  • Difficult to clean atomizer / heating chamber

If you don't like the idea of ​​carrying a crayon, swab tools, and extract container, Evolve Plus from Yocan is a great option.

Equipped with double quartz coil atomizers, Yocans Evolve Plus works like a traditional wax stick with some big surprises.

A magnetic cover that covers the atomizer also serves as a swab. With a chimney at one end and a scoop at the other, you can spoon extracts directly into the atomizer without leaving a sticky thing that needs cleaning. In addition, the base of the device can be screwed on and off to expose a silicon-lined stealth storage compartment, which is designed as a concentrate caddy.

The result is a device that covers all the basics for consumption on the go and makes external tools, containers, etc. superfluous. Just put this thing in a shirt pocket and you're done.

Because the Evolve Plus is based on a coil sprayer, the usual functional problems arise: hotspots and cold zones can give an uneven expression of oils, and it can be somewhat difficult to achieve a satisfactory pull if concentrates are not in direct contact with the coil.

However, this is less of a criticism of the Evolve Plus, as this applies to every coil atomizer that I have personally tried over the past ten years (many, many, many). Fortunately, the Evolve Plus costs half the cost of many well-known wax crayons like Atmos and Dr. Dabber.

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