You’ll be able to chortle, however CBD pre-rolls are the long run


When I first came across a CBD pre-roll, I was at work. As the author of a cannabis lifestyle website, brands sent all kinds of products on our way, the majority of which contained high levels of THC. This was in early 2017 when CBD had just started and the idea that you would smoke something with less than 20% THC – let alone nothing – sounded absurd. When we examined the cigarette-like filter and the packaging, my colleague laughed. "The only thing that's good is wasting money," he said.

I was inclined to agree. What's the point of smoking something that doesn't get you up? Why not roll up a couple of dried rose petals or oregano and call it a day? Still, I was curious. So I took the backpack home and lit one on my porch. I smoked the whole thing and waited. And waited. Twenty minutes later, when I still felt no noticeable difference in my body or mind, I assumed that my colleague was right. CBD pre-rolls had no place in a stoner's life.

It would be another two weeks before I tried again, this time after a deeply disturbing phone call. When I puffed away, I felt a calm wash pick up speed and my stream of dark thoughts slowed to a trickle as the ashes reached the filter. I was by no means a ray of sunshine, but I was calm and clear. It became clear to me that these high-end joints could have something.

A Word on Myths and Benefits

If you've tried a CBD product before and haven't felt damned, you're not alone. With so much misinformation, it is difficult to know what dose to take or whether what you bought contains CBD at all. Neither does it help that the conversation about CBD fluctuates between two extremes: either it is God's pain-relieving, anxiety-destroying, sleep-promoting gift to the earth or snake oil that is supposed to fool the humble masses.

As with most things that trigger such a heated debate, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Regarding hard scientific evidence, the FDA approved a CBD-rich cannabis-derived drug after research showed it was effective in treating severe forms of epilepsy. According to a comprehensive WHO report, CBD could help stop addicts from opioids, cocaine, and tobacco (although much more research is needed).

Very, very early studies show that CBD can even help antibiotics to kill increasingly resistant bacteria. However, before you stock up on the apocalypse, you should know that much more research is needed before we can understand what dose or frequency is required.

This is the clinical stuff. For our purposes, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that CBD can help relieve stress and mild pain. In my personal experience, CBD feels most like an over-the-counter pain reliever or supplement. If I feel completely comfortable it doesn't do anything for me, but if I have mild pain or discomfort it can work wonders.

Not that it's just about feeling something. Eye-catching psychoactive or physical effects are good and beautiful – most of us have traditionally searched for this in a THC experience. But there is something to be said for subtle shifts and adjustments. For example, I like to drink some CBD together with a second cup of coffee to feel a focus and energy boost – less palpitations.

If I do it right, I am less aware of what contributes to my experience than what it takes away.

Why CBD Pre-Rolls?

Of all the CBD-infused products that I've tried and enjoyed, I love CBD pre-rolls most because they can be shared a lot and you can't screw it up. I can share them with my grandmother and my THC-anxious friend without fear of overdoing it and having bad experiences. And unlike foods that require a lot of guesswork and maintenance, you can titrate yourself in real time with pre-rolls.

For experienced smokers like me, they can quickly make up for a high that has taken a turn for nervousness. I'm not alone. I can't tell you how many times I happily watched how my Stoner friends felt the subtle, soothing change and enjoyed it despite themselves.

Still, you need to do your research to make sure that what you buy is legitimate. Filling your Amazon shopping cart with everything labeled "CBD" will not result in a cut. The easiest way to find reputable products? Visit a licensed pharmacy. While the requirements vary from state to state, in a pharmacy you will find products tested in the laboratory far more often than at a random online retailer.

If you don't live in a legal state, a hack is to look for brands that sell CBD pre-rolls in addition to those with THC. The tedious process of licensing for the sale of THC products is a good indication that they have made an effort to also sell reputable CBD products.

Some of our pre-roll recommendations

Regardless of which way you go, hemp CBD and high CBD pre-rolls offer a gentler and broader way for more people to enter the weed world and experience all the benefits of the plant. Check out some of the CBD brands we have come to love below.

Alive & Kicking

Alive and Kicking is a brand that sells pre-rolls with low THC and high CBD levels in pharmacies in addition to hemp CBD pre-rolls. They come in packs of 14, worth $ 26, and the cigarette-like joints are so small that you can easily smoke one for yourself. I find her adorable and very practical for a short smoke break, and even my girlfriend – who is the champion of weed lightweights – loves her.

Price: $ 26

Available: Nationwide (Pre-Rolls with THC only available in California)

Your Highness

I'm a fan of Her Highness' single CBD pre-roll and lighter kit. (Full disclosure: I was recently hired to write your product descriptions, and I've tried almost all of them.) For $ 15, you get an extra-long pre-roll and a reusable gold lighter. I would love to see a CBD pre-roll package from them as I don't want to buy a new lighter every time I want a pre-roll, but it's pretty ideal in terms of a gift for your light friends.

Price: $ 15

Available: Nationwide

East Fork and Friends

Alternatively, if you want the best for your money and don't want to worry about a little elbow grease, East Fork and Friends sells premium craft hemp online for $ 95 an ounce. This gives you 56 half grams of joints for about $ 1.60 each. Not bad.

Price: 95 USD

Available: Nationwide

Henry's Original

If you are still skeptical about getting on the hemp CBD train, can I suggest trying high-CBD pre-rolls? Try Henry & # 39; s Original for a balanced mind-body buzz. It is a reputable brand with a range of pre-rolls with high CBD content that offer a gentle yet psychoactive experience.

Price: Varies

Available: California