Scotland receives the inexperienced gentle for the opening of the primary authorized medical hashish farm – firebird-cbdoil


Two years after the UK legalized medical marijuana, farmers in southern Scotland are about to break ground for the country's first legal cannabis farm.

Agriculturalists William and Neil Ewart have just received planning permission to open a 3.7 hectare greenhouse in the town of Langholm in Dumfriesshire. The Ewarts, who also run a horse racing school, will harvest their plants exclusively for the new British medical marijuana market. All plants grown in this facility are processed into medicinal cannabis oils, which are bottled and sold to pharmaceutical companies.

The UK legalized medical marijuana in November 2018 and allowed doctors to prescribe cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy, chronic pain and other illnesses. However, since the country lacked local cannabis production facilities, patients are forced to import their medicines overseas. The high cost of these imported medicines is not covered by the UK or Scottish health services, forcing many families to sell their homes or turn to crowdfunding to afford medicines for their sick children.

Several cannabis production facilities have sprung up across the UK in the past year. A medical pot farm opened in a secret location in Wiltshire last January, and other farms in Kent and Somerset have recently opened. LeafCann, an Australian medical cannabis company, has reportedly considered opening a cannabis facility in Irvine, Scotland, but the Ewart family has obtained approval to open the country's first legal facility.

However, the building permit is only the first step in a long and complicated process. "This is an excellent step in the right direction, but there are so many other steps to be taken," Ewart told The Scottish Sun. The farm must now apply to the UK Home Office for a license to produce medical cannabis.

In order to obtain this license, the company must “demonstrate that Langholm is a convenient place to do such things,” said Ewart. "I don't want to sound too optimistic and make too much of a fuss because something can go wrong, but it's a very exciting project for Langholm."

The new facility hopes to employ at least 50 people on site, including scientists, IT specialists, horticulturalists and security personnel. Plans for the farm include a commercial greenhouse, water storage tanks, and an on-site generator that recovers the heat from the growing rooms to generate electricity. Once the farm is fully operational, it hopes to produce 200 liters of cannabis oil annually.

Although medical cannabis has been legal in the UK for over a year, the growth of this new industry has been extremely slow. Most people don't have access to legal medical marijuana – not like in the United States. There is currently only one medical cannabis clinic in Scotland that has been open for two months. Due to the current situation, many patients cannot find this medicine or can afford it. According to a recent survey, around 1.4 million people in the UK have turned to black market cannabis to help treat their diseases.