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W Although we all seek protection and practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some things we can do to maintain peace of mind during this disruption to our daily lives. Many people, especially cannabis users, turn to meditation to calm their minds and reduce the stress and anxiety caused by current events. In case you want to try a small combination of cannabis and meditation, we've put together some great information to help you maximize your results. Read on to learn more about the benefits of meditation, as well as some of the best marijuana strains to consume before meditating.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation or the act of mindful concentration is a practice that has been used for centuries to train the mind and regulate focus. However, the benefits of meditation go well beyond an improved focus. Regular meditation reduces stress, improves self-confidence, promotes healthy living habits, improves physical health and even prolongs mortality.

According to a 2011 literature review, meditation helps improve cognitive thinking in times of stress, which could help extend lifespan.

Although stress can help protect against dangers, chronic stress causes cells to age faster because it forces the body to remain in a longer state of reactivity. Mindful meditation, however, helps shift cognitive assessments away from threats and conflict feelings and into a more balanced (and happier) mindset.

Cannabis and its History in Religion and Meditation

Humans have been using cannabis for spiritual purposes for centuries and date back to 6th century China, where it was used in Buddhist tantric meditation practices. While many non-tantric Buddhist practices affected monks and nuns tacitly seeking enlightenment behind closed doors, tantric practices were performed by lay people (with much more room for error). As such, cannabis has often been used in rituals to relieve dislikes and encourage engagement.

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Cannabis has been used for meditative purposes for many years. Image credits

<p> Cannabis has been used ceremonially several times since then, including 9th-century Assyria, where it was used during religious ceremonies to increase euphoria and ward off evil spirits. Some biblical scholars even suggest that Jesus used cannabis in his holy anointing oil to heal his followers (which might explain why so many were miraculously healed). </p>
<p><h2> Use of cannabis for meditation </h2>
<p> Cannabis can be a strong substance, so it is important to be slow in determining your tolerance. When it comes to smoking marijuana before mediation, the importance of microdosing should not be underestimated. </p>
<p> To avoid a wandering brain or an excessively sleepy head, we recommend consuming only half of your usual dose. Be sure to take small punches 30 to 60 minutes before your meditation session to reduce airway abrasion or a small dose of food. </p>
<p><img data-original= Best tribes for meditation:

  • Lamb Bread: Lamb Bread is a spicy sativa variety that was popularized by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.
  • Northern Lights: Although technically an indica, the pine flavor of this popular strain can stimulate the mind, while the musky undertone relaxes the body. Northern lights distract heavily from pain to focus the mind on more targeted endeavors.
  • Blue Cheese: Although this indica-dominant hybrid sometimes gives mixed results, it is known for its fast-acting, mood-enhancing effects combined with its powerful medicinal properties. Within minutes, users can feel their pain and anxiety go away and instead focus on the cerebral-centered body.
  • Hindu Kush: This indica-dominant hybrid will stick users to the mat while focusing the mind. Heaviness in the limbs calms down, while an increased sense of perception helps to focus on things like breathing patterns and blood flow.
  • Jack Flash: Due to its wave of effects, Jack Flash is well suited for meditation and offers ample opportunity to concentrate on sensations in the body. The effects start on the face and can be followed across the body and then through the limbs before starting over.

Meditation works wonders for the brain and body, but just like exercise and nutrition, meditation must become a habit for it to be effective. Help improve your chances of meditation success by including cannabis in the ritual.

Have you tried meditating under the influence of cannabis? Tell us about your results.

Photo credit: Jared Rice (license)