Why Marro turned to the facility of vegetation to assist folks discover reduction


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This article was brought to you by Marro and brings calmness and empowerment to the life of consumers through unique CBD blends.

Restlessness, irritability, insomnia and discomfort can all be caused by a simple word; Pain.

Pain is at best a little discomfort. In the worst case, it can be completely debilitating. To get immediate relief, many people turn to prescription drugs.

The duo of father and daughter, George and Kailey Pondella from Los Angeles, California, said there must be a better way for people to get advice on healing without turning to prescription drugs. They have teamed up to build a community and brand that aims to help people with a herbal approach to find general wellbeing.

Herbal beginnings

Marro was founded in early 2018 to promote the potency of cannabidiol and encourage people to accept healthier alternatives to medicines while understanding and reaping the benefits of hemp. They have a passion for sourcing, blending and delivering herbal products to people and animals around the world. The secret of their products is a multitude of useful blends made by carefully considering terpenes – compounds that give plants (including hemp) their specific smell and taste.

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Together with their chemist, they have formulated topical and ingestible mixtures that are intended to help people deal with pain, cramps, insomnia, anxiety and stress. Her formulations use the power of the plant to create goods that can help without using abrasives that work against pain at the body's expense. Marro's bestseller, the Pain Roller, comes in a 10 ml recycled glass vial with a metal roller ball tip. The compact size and quick absorbing formulation make it convenient to apply anytime, anywhere.

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Marros Inspiration – CBD consumers

People of all ages and with different backgrounds use Marros mixtures for various reasons. Athletes and coaches use Marros Pain Roller to relax after training. Hairdressers reach for Marro every day to relieve the pain in their hands. From welders to mothers who stay at home, there are an infinite number of people who value Marro CBD products in their daily lives.

“My daughter and I had the vision to offer completely natural and effective alternatives for well-being. When we hear our customers' stories, we're overjoyed that our mixes have been so well received, ”said George Pondella, co-founder of Marro.

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The brand delivers its unique style of pain relief using the dynamic combination of CBD isolate and terpenes.

The strong properties of CBD isolate and terpenes

Marro-CBD mixtures contain CBD isolate, which is extracted from full-spectrum hemp oil by CO2 extraction. The process starts with the CBD isolate for a reliable result, both in the amount of CBD present and in the absence of THC. Marro chose CBD isolate because it is 99% pure cannabidiol. The isolated CBD contains no other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids, which ensures an exact dosage of the CBD per batch and individual bottle.

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In addition, the CBD isolate is odorless. When developing their products, the Marro team worked with their chemist, whom they call the "terpene mastermind", to artfully formulate proprietary terpene blends that alleviate a variety of symptoms. They obtained their terpenes from other medicinal plants such as lavender, pine needles, mugwort and hops. Through a series of experiments and observations, they began to understand terpenes and how to increase the potency of cannabidiol. By combining organic CBD and targeted terpenes, such as those found in essential oils, Marro's pain formula delivers an optimized mixture of ingredients that works synergistically. That means all the ingredients are better together.

For example, the terpenes selected for Marros Pain Roller are extracted from lemongrass, eucalyptus, black pepper and hops. They each play an important role and have a purpose within the mixture to combat pain.

Nerolidol, a terpene obtained from lemongrass, is contained in all topical mixtures from Marro. In addition to its other medicinal properties, it supports the absorption of active substances. And without it, the topical formula would sit on the surface of the skin instead of penetrating it.

“Thanks to the optimal mix of ingredients, people immediately feel a feeling of lightness, release and relaxation after using our products,” says Kailey Pondella, co-founder of Marro.

Nature knows best

Marro's formulas are clean, reliable and tested in the laboratory – free of aggressive drugs and provided with a laboratory report for each individual batch so that customers can see all of their safety information themselves.

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"We live from science, statistics and the knowledge of how our bodies react to nature's medicinal plants," says Kailey, "but at the end of the day we try to keep it simple and our mixtures speak for themselves allow . ”

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