dosist ™ the Canadian debut of the dosing pen


We're no stranger to the wellness craze – a $ 4.2 trillion industry that is all around us and promises everything from kale to collagen to alleviate our suffering and change our lives. Although included in this industry, the cannabis-for-wellness movement is supported by medical research. And it is here to stay.

The California-based wellness brand Dosist came with the introduction of cannabis 2.0 products in Canada. So far, the brand has gained a cult following, which is made up of canna experts and early adopters in search of a modern wellness tool. They want to make sure that all of North America learns how to work.

The Dosist, founded in 2016, tried to fill a gap in the industry with dose-controlled cannabis therapy in medical quality and to offer its users a regulated and consistent experience. The company's CEO, Gunner Winston, believes that the uniquely curated cannabinoid and terpene profiles benefit the human body by helping to manage sleep, stress, anxiety, and pain relief when consumed properly.

Note: It is not a community bong session on Friday evening.

Your daily dose of Dosist ™

The Dosierstift initially brought the brand onto the map because of its slim, technologically advanced and compact design. But if vape pens appear everywhere, you might be wondering how they differ from the next ones?

Its unique properties control airflow and heating by not only delivering a safer train, but also one that is consistent every time. A full pull lasts three seconds and, with slight vibrations, notifies the user that the 2.25 mg dose is complete, allowing better control of the user. The target formulas are available in two sizes: 50 or 200 cans.

All Dosist products are subjected to a comprehensive 4-step test process that includes both consumer and laboratory tests throughout production to ensure that they meet their stringent standards. Dosist tests its final formulas for cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides, microbiological and residual solvents. You can check the individual results of each batch by entering the batch number of your dose pen on the company's website.

As for cutting materials that could potentially endanger you? They are nowhere to be seen. Here only distilled cannabis oil and vegetable terpenes.

What Are The Real Benefits?

Named for their inherent function and simply labeled on the body, the dosisticks are easy to select.


The best-selling formula is bliss (9: 1 ratio of THC to CBD), a euphoric formula that of course lets you feel just right.


The rest of the formula (8: 1 ratio of THC to CBD) is a relaxing formula that should help to give a good night's sleep.


The calm formula is one of the few CBD-dominant pens on the Canadian market (ratio of CBD to THC 10: 1) and is intended to help relax the mind and body without causing intoxicating effects.

calm down

Calming (2: 1 ratio of THC to CBD) is a balanced formula for pain relief.

excitement and passion

Pens for arousal (11: 1 THC to CBD) and passion (12: 1 THC to CBD) are formulas with a high THC content, which awaken your senses, release creativity and stimulate your mind.

Altogether, the six target formulas offer functions with double effect, with which you not only feel good, but can also deal with health and happiness in a natural way. And soon the brand plans to launch more IRL wellness experiences in the future, such as the Canadian pop-up and the California cannabis boutique.

Although the Herzdosist is a health and wellness brand, they are perfect for experienced recreational users who want to further improve their cannabis experience. Regardless of whether you dose before a morning yoga class or play (again) all seasons of The Office, they have made it easy to increase and alleviate at the same time.

Dosist, welcome to the north. Find them wherever cannabis 2.0 products are sold near you.