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We live in the era of cannabidiol or CBD. And that's how we all live better.

CBD is a gateway for mainstream culture to experience cannabis as a medicine. It is currently used to treat important medical problems such as chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression, arthritis, acne, neurological diseases and even cancer-related symptoms. The power of this cannabinoid cannot be ignored.

Numerous CBD users also report that a regular dose improves sleep and mental clarity, and promotes calm and safety.

In terms of ingestion, CBD is available in oils, capsules, creams, vape products, drinks, and even suppositories. Still, CBD foods are among the hottest cannabis products on the market. Why? Because nothing seems to help medicine to go down happier than CBD gums.

That is why we have compiled a list of our 15 most popular CBD rubber products. After many tests, we have broken down those that taste best, work fastest, and pack the most benefits in one bite. Chew and relax, friends!

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Penguin CBD

Penguin CBD gums offer the comfort of the classic acid gum worm, but with the additional benefits of CBD power. If you're just getting into the CBD world, this is the brand first and, as we confidently predict, the brand you'll always come back to.

Cannabis gums often have an "earthy" taste (and that's well expressed). But Penguin's CBD treats taste like real rubber worms from the candy aisle. However, the active ingredient makes them 20 times better. The CBD also works quickly without you ever feeling high. However, you will feel extremely cold.

Soft and tempting penguin CBD gums are supplied in packs of 30 worms. Each worm contains 10 mg of pure CBD. The company's motto also captures exactly the feelings that we felt after falling in love with this product: "Keep calm and keep walking."

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Verma Farms

Hawaii's large kahuna among CBD manufacturers gives each of its CBD rubber lines the spirit of Aloha. You can taste and feel it. Verna Farms flavors include Maui Melon, Beary Beach and Rainbow Worms, as well as a range of sugar-free CBD gums.

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Charlotte's Web

The highly respected Charlotte & # 39; s Web really lives up to its motto "Naturally earned trust". That said, you can be sure of trying Charlotte's web CBD gums, available in varieties named after what they're specifically designed for: rest, relaxation, and sleep.

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The gums manufactured and sold by CBDistillery are grown from non-genetically modified industrial hemp grown using natural cultivation methods. The rubbers from CBDistellery offer a strong mood and are available in regular and nightly forms. "src =" .progressive.jpg "style =" width: 640px; Height: 301px;

Lord Jones

In terms of style, Lord Jones is divine. Instead of normal bears or worms, Lord Jones offers old-fashioned hemp CBD gummy bears – and frankly they are a dream. The chewing and the box they come in embody the vintage class. But the taste? Forget it. You will feel like a king eating these glamorous treats.

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Hemp Bombs

The CBD gums from hemp bombs have a high priority in terms of taste and effect. But they get even more points for the variety they offer. Hemp bombs offer standard rubbers, sleeping rubbers and highly effective rubbers for experienced CBD enthusiasts.

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Highland Pharms

The CBD gums from Highland Pharms are completely natural, very tasty and always effective and offer a wide range of good hemp products. This means that every gum contains cannabinoids other than CBD, such as CBC, CBG, CBN and more. The more intoxicating cannabinoids you take, the better you will feel!

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Joy Organics

The elegant, uplifting and cheerful CBD gums by Joy Organics are available in green apple and (our favorite) strawberry lemonade. Be fertile and enjoy it.

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NotPot CBD gums are vegan, tested in the laboratory and not decorated with anything artificial. Try each of their flavors: watermelon, pineapple, green apple, blue raspberry and grape. Just as the company promises: there is "no shady shit"!

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Premium Jane

Scottsdale-based Premium Jane is a pioneer in the cultivation and manufacture of its CBD products, and that certainly applies to its CBD rubbers. Each chewing bear embodies Premium Jane's ongoing commitment to excellence.

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CBD only

Just CBD is the right choice when it comes to variety in taste, shape and size. They offer CBD gummy bears, CBD gummy worms, CBD emoji faces and CBD gummy rings (in apple and peach!) In containers that range from personal 250 mg jars to full 3000 mg party packs.

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<p> <strong> Sunday Scaries </strong> </p>
<p> The funny, unique CBD outlet Sunday Scaries advertises its cannabidiol as "the remedy that doesn't make life so scary". Sunday Scaries GBD gums for chillin are made from high quality CBD from American sources with a wide range and enriched with vitamins B-12 and D3, which have been shown to work well. </p>
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Fab CBD chewing articles are vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free and full of delicious fruit flavors. It's good, and buying a bottle can be particularly good, as Fab is also actively involved in charities like the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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cbdMD aims to provide premium CBD "from seed to shelf". When the shelf in question is filled with the company's oil rubbers, its mission is accomplished.

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+ PlusCBD

Cherry mango and citrus punch aromas are available with additional phytonutrients such as vitamin E and PlusCBD oil gums. With only 5 mg of CBD per chew, PlusCBD gums are the right product to keep it light.

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