Chilly Begin Dabbing: All the pieces You Have to Know

I may not be hard to imagine today, but dabbing used to be a marginal aspect of cannabis. The marijuana use method, which was once a distinction between ejected subcultures, is now as popular, if not more, than some proven methods such as food and smoking a joint. In 2018, a survey confirmed that the dabbing over the flower is increasing. However, this was not due to the potency, but to customer experiments. Regardless of the validity of the finding, it is clear that more people are dabbing.

With different risks in connection with practice, many methods of consumption have come to the fore. Thanks to technical progress in this area, some older routes have received an update in recent years. One of them is the cold start swab. Some even believe that this could spark a revolution in smoking hashish oil and other concentrates.

What is a cold start swab?

Cold-start dabbing usually involves the typical low-temperature dabbing process, only at lower heat and a slightly different method than with conventional torch dabbing. With traditional methods that most of us are familiar with, the nail is preheated before the concentrate is applied to the nail and vaporized. With cold start dabbing, the concentrate is applied to the nail, ideally a quartz bangle, before heating. From there, the nail is heated for a short time.

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Example of a quartz insert.

<p> In addition, some concentrate consumers use a so-called quartz insert (basically a small quartz bucket) to load their swab into it. In this case, the banger is traditionally heated and the cold insert is inserted / removed with tweezers in the banger. </p>
<p> While the idea of ​​heating cold nails with concentrates is anything but new, it has been updated thanks to modern equipment. In the following we will examine why quartz in particular has developed cold start methods. But first, let's take a closer look at how to get a cold start swab. </p>
<h2> The advantages of cold start dabbing </h2>
<p> Cold start dabbing is much more than just a hot, new thing about dabbing. There are some advantages. They range from increased taste to improved efficiency. If the temperature is kept low, the terpene profile of the concentrate will not deteriorate as at other temperatures. By avoiding these heat levels, the taste of the product should remain intact. However, heating your swab directly can sometimes be difficult and without careful observation, swabs can easily burn. </p>
<h4> In addition, the cold start dabbing allows the cooling to shrink drastically. Instead of waiting about a minute and a half, a cold start usually only requires a waiting time of ten seconds. </h4>
<p> In the meantime, the cleanup also shortens the time. Since only a slight melting is permitted, the subsequent cleaning should be simple enough and at the same time minimize the risk that your quartz cakes with residues that are difficult to clean. More taste, shorter waiting times and less cleaning up. It is a win-win-win situation. </p>
<h2> How to make a cold start swab </h2>
<p> The above gives a general overview of how a cold start swab is created. However, there are complications that can affect or interrupt the process. Before we start, let's talk about bangers. While any nail can work, a quartz hit is your ideal choice. Quartz is the preferred choice of many. Some choose it because it gives consumers a rich taste experience without messing up. Others cite his ability to distribute and store heat better than any other nail on his surface – which is all the more important when you start cold. </p>
<p> That is, the general cold start dabbing process is as follows: </p>
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  • Place the concentrates on the clean quartz hammer
  • Burn the banger off for 5-8 seconds or until the concentrate begins to melt. Do not heat beyond this point and do not risk losing the quality of the concentrate
  • Seal your banger with its carburetor cap
  • Twist the cap (when your air is directed) and inhale.

If the taste is not right or tastes burnt, you should consider heating the concentrates less next time. Instead of looking for melts, the torch stops bubbling with the concentrate and shows signs of steam. With improved taste, less waiting time and easy cleaning, it's no wonder that cold-start dabbing has become a preferred method for concentrate enthusiasts around the world.

Thanks to quartz cracking, the cold start dab reached a level that was not possible before. Dabbing can further penetrate the cannabis mainstream. Now the former side activity in cannabis is at the forefront of the movement. Methods such as cold-start dabbing reduce safety concerns while increasing consumer experience.

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A cold start swab is heated using a butane burner.

<p> To learn more about dabbing, be sure to read the meaning of dabbing at low temperatures. Then find out the latest news about the potential risks of dabbing if the temperature is too high. With all this information, cold start dabbing could be all the more attractive. No matter which method you choose, consume responsibly! </p>
<p style= Have you ever tried to dab cold start? How was your experience Share your stories in the comments below.

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