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Janelle Lassalle April 29, 2020

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Cannabis may be a billion dollar industry, but it still has a heart. After all, this industry has been fueled by patients for a long time, and ultimately, the brands that have our hearts are the ones that put the people and communities they serve first.

As a cannabis patient, I would like to highlight CBD brands that go far beyond helping customers through compassionate care programs. These programs offer significant discounts on CBD products for patients with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Below is a list of brands that offer compassionate care programs, as well as some of their best products for medical patients. Give it a try and enjoy the generosity that is at the heart of this industry.

Bluebird Botanicals Assistance Programs

A trusted name in CBD is Bluebird Botanicals . Bluebird offers a wide range of CBD products, including tinctures, capsules, isolates and topical products. They offer both broadband and isolate options.

Products are GMP and US Hemp Authority certified, glyphosate-free and are grown using regenerative farming methods. You can also search their website for full third-party lab test results by lot number to ensure you always know exactly what's in your product.

The Bluebird Botanicals aid program was launched in 2015. It offers a 20% discount on products for qualified participants. Those who qualify include people with long-term disabilities, low-income families, teachers, students, civil servants and veterans.

“The wife of our founder and CEO, Jessica Beatty, is responsible for the inspiration behind the aid program. She had worked as a customer service representative and often made phone calls to customers who urgently needed CBD. She was so moved and often moved to tears by the emotional stories of these customers that she knew that Bluebird had to formalize an aid program to help groups such as veterans, low-income families and people with long-term disabilities afford it, " says Grace Kaucic. Senior Communications Manager at Bluebird.

The quality of the CBD you get from Bluebird is among the best I've found. I am a big fan of their concentrated hemp extracts because they deliver large doses of full-spectrum CBD in every pipette – 25 mg per ml, to be precise. They also have a THC-free CBD oil that uses organic fractionated coconut oil (MCT) as a carrier oil. Two drops of the full spectrum oil made me feel pain free and relaxed for the rest of my day.

RopaNa Compassionate Care Program

RopaNa is a Vermont-based brand dedicated to the need for knowledge, quality and transparency in the CBD industry. It is a fairly fitting mission considering that the term "Ropa Na" means Sanskrit for "healing yourself".

The founders of RopaNa, Andrew and Rachael Switz, are committed to the health of their customers. Andrew has a horticultural degree while Rachael is certified by the American School of Clinical Pathology in Molecular Biology. These backgrounds inspired the two of them to produce CBD oils from organic hemp, which were extracted with bio-ethanol. Full spectrum and isolate products are available. Third-party laboratory results are published on the website for easy access.

The RopaNa compassion care program offers patients with chronic illnesses or disabilities a discount of 35%. The compassion program is also being extended to other groups such as caretakers and non-profit organizations.

I'm a big fan of RopaNas Entourage Full Spectrum Nectar Tincture . Not only is organic hemp extracted with ethanol with MCT oil used, but other smaller cannabinoids are also used. The nectar tincture contains, for example, CBD as well as CBG, CBN and CBC. It is the most effective hemp tincture that I have tried for both pain and to relieve a stressed, anxious mood.

Are you looking for something without traces of THC? Choose your nectar CBD isolate tincture or your CBD Goddess Rub cream .

CBD aid program from Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals based in Portland, OR is another brand that works to improve access to CBD for everyone. They were also one of the few brands that I tested and whose products were all of the same quality. Everything I've tried here not only worked, it worked well, including capsules that usually don't do the trick for me.

The Lazarus Naturals aid program is one of the most generous on the market and offers discounts of between 40 and 60% as required. Qualified people include customers with long-term disabilities, low-income citizens and veterans.

That being said, there are many great products to choose from – both full spectrum and isolation options. Lazarus has CBD tinctures, capsules, topical agents, cooking oils and full spectrum CBD-RSO . My top selection here were the above-mentioned CBD RSO and full-spectrum CBD capsules (25 mg) . The capsules are super easy to put in a handbag or bag to relieve them on the go whenever you need them.

Zion Medicinals Compassionate Care Hemp Oil Program

Zion Medicinals was founded by Brian Caruso, a chiropractic doctor, and his wife Jess, who has Lyme disease. The two worked together to maximize the therapeutic properties of hemp, a struggle that inspired the development of their hemp oil products.

Zion Medicinals relies on ethanol extraction instead of CO2. Zion also uses spagyric processing with its oils, which its website is designed to reintroduce additional salts, minerals, oils, and acids.

The end result is a line of hemp oils that have a full spectrum and are made from Colorado organic hemp from a single source. They are one of the few hemp oils that I have tested that have been able to contain my neuropathic pain.

In Zion's compassionate care program, patients are enrolled in a program that provides them with CBD regularly on a monthly basis. Qualified patients who enroll will then receive a 40% discount on their monthly mailing.

"With this program, we can advance it and help those in the late stages of their lives who want relief naturally," says Caruso.

cbdMD Disability Discount

The people at cbdMD also have their own discount for customers with disabilities. Those who qualify are entitled to a 40% discount on cbdMD products. cbdMD also offers a 30% discount for veterans.

On the website you will find almost every type of CBD product, from tinctures to rubbers to bath bombs, current topics and more.

My favorite cbdMD products are the CBD PM oil for sleep and the CBD freeze roller . The tincture consists of a broad spectrum of American hemp without GMO cultivation and has an analysis certificate (CoA) available on the website. It also contains melatonin to put you to sleep, and it works with God. I actually managed to sleep all night without waking up – a miracle for me. The roller was just as effective: it began to spread almost immediately and relieve tired, aching muscles.

CanniMed Compassionate Pricing (Canada)

CanniMed is a Canadian medical cannabis producer that was recently purchased by Aurora. They have a wide range of medicinal cannabis products available, including dried flowers, vapes, capsules and topical products. One of their most popular and popular products is the 1:20 CanniMed CBD oil . Many patients use it for pain relief, anxiety and concentration.

The compassionate pricing program allows qualified customers a 25% discount on all medical cannabis products. Customers have to live from a disability or receive help from government support programs to qualify.

Tilray Compassionate Pricing (Canada)

Canadian Monolith Tilray also offers a compassionate pricing program that focuses on one product: Tilray 2: 100 CBD Oil . The oil itself is as medicinal as it gets; Recent research shows that it has been shown to be effective in children with drug-resistant epilepsy (DRE) due to Dravet syndrome.

Pediatric and palliative patients receive a 25% discount on the 2: 100 CBD oil if they qualify. Tilray also has a 25% discount for low income customers. It is encouraging to know that even patients without insurance can still qualify for the program.

Editor's Note: Tilray and Leafly, now independent companies, were both previously owned by Privateer Holdings.

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