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With the increasing popularity of cannabis use without inhalation, especially in view of COVID-19, more and more Nevadans are turning to edible foods, whether for relief, relaxation or well-being. But if you eat or drink cannabis, you get a completely different result than if you vaporize or smoke it.

"Food is absorbed into your bloodstream differently, which will affect you differently over a longer period of time," explains Aaron Nino, production manager at CAMP and 8 | Fold, both available from The + Source Nevada pharmacy.

"We want people to understand these products and be familiar with them," says Nino. "This is what is in your product. This is how we make this product. And therefore it is safe. It is therefore extremely important for us to educate consumers about the manufacture of these products."

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Nino has been in business for about 15 years and together with his teammate and colleague Paul Ortiz, Nino has a lot of knowledge about food consumption in Nevada. You can always ask these questions at The + Source – but here's a little general advice.

Start slowly with food

Photo: Samantha Blankenship

If you smoke or vape, you know almost immediately how cannabis affects you. Food takes longer, though how much longer depends on your metabolism, what you've eaten that day, and whether you're taking it orally or sublingually.

Before you know how a product affects you, you should be patient and start with a tiny dose.

"Take it slowly and quietly and try not to speed up the experience," advises Ortiz. "Your edibles will take effect about an hour or two before the effects begin, but it will be fun. Don't be nervous."

The food insecurity, says Nino, makes clear labeling a must.

"Many of our customers are fairly new to this experience and want the same thing they do when they go to the doctor – instructions," he says. "They want to know exactly what they are getting and find the perfect dose that will not bring them to a level they are not prepared for."

If your edible product does not contain clear instructions, reputable pharmacies like The + Source recommend that you ask your budtender for advice on how much to take. If there is overconsumption, Ortiz offers various management options.

"You can use CBD to counteract your high levels because CBD can help balance the psychoactive effects of THC," he says. "You can also smell a little black pepper or eat it to grind yourself – caryophyllene is a terpene that occurs in peppers and of course occurs in the flower itself."

Keep an eye on potency and dosage

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Another important point to keep in mind with food is that you should always check the effectiveness of the label on the product you are buying. Nevada law requires rigorous testing to ensure that dosage information is correct, and Nino says this is especially important when making an edible or tincture.

"We test the oils first so we know what our base is and how much we have to add to this product," explains Nino. 8 | fold and CAMP tinctures contain three ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, hemp-derived CBD and distillate with CBD and THC. It is therefore important that the tests are "just right" before they start mixing to give consumers the right balance

Consistent potency means that users are better able to find the dose that is right for them. However, dosing is not just about how much THC is contained in a product or how "high" it is, says Nino: "We really believe in the synchronicity of the cooperation between THC and CBD. "

For some users, it is about finding the right ratio of CBD and THC. CAMP has high CBD tinctures ranging from 1: 1 to 20: 1 CBD to THC, and 8 | Fold has an 800 milligram THC tincture – the highest recovery level permitted in the state.

While some users are only satisfied with CBD, Nino believes it's worth saving a little more THC if you tend to.

"We are seeing more positive results from THC and CBD together on edible products," he says. "This is news that is worth sharing."

Learn more from edible experts from Nevada

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If you're tired of googling everything you want to know about cannabis use in Nevada, contact the experts directly. Through the university program, The + Source hopes that cannabis consumers and producers can be better networked and better informed every month with a free class. Sometimes it's a general cannabis 101 class, sometimes it's a deeper look into a particular cannabis product like cartridges. Both Nino and Ortiz often make contributions.

The The + Source team will continue to build their expertise in creating, delivering and teaching food in Nevada and will share everything they know with their customers.

"The more the consumer knows, the better," says Nino. "We have to be very transparent and let the consumer know what we do and how we do it. It familiarizes the consumer with the products that we introduce – and these products change life."