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If you suffer from migraines, CBD can be the solution to your pain.

While clinical studies in the United States are still hampered by archaic and unenlightened federal laws, research from other parts of the world shows promising results for the use of CBD in the treatment and prevention of debilitating migraines.

In this article, Honest Marijuana CBD's all-things cannabis experts discuss migraines, the benefits, risks, and use of high-CBD pot strains.

What is CBD?

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<p> Put simply, CBD (the shortened form of the word cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that are found in high concentrations in the cannabis plant (marijuana). </p>
<p> Other common cannabinoids are: </p>
<p> The unusual thing about CBD – and all cannabinoids – is that when you take it, inhale it or rub it on your skin, it interacts with the neurons in your brain and the receptors in your body to produce some beneficial effects . </p>
<p> Many of these beneficial effects have a direct impact on migraines. </p>
<h2 id= CBD for Migraines: Benefits

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<h3 id= 1) Reduced pain and swelling

Scientists and doctors are still debating the exact cause of migraines, but many believe that they are a symptom of a problem or problems elsewhere in the body – most likely inflammation and swelling.

Despite the limited clinical studies, CBD is known for its analgesic (pain-relieving) properties, which is why CBD creams, tinctures and plasters are becoming more popular every day.

Even if CBD does not directly kill migraine pain, it can reduce pain and swelling in other parts of your body that could be the real cause of the pounding in your head.

2) Less nausea

As if blinding pain in your head wasn't enough, this extreme pain often causes nausea and upset stomach.

CBD is very good at relieving stomach upset and preventing or reducing nausea – even if it's caused by migraines rather than something you've eaten.

That alone is an advantage that we can swear by, but the decrease in nausea brings another benefit: an increased appetite.

Chronic severe migraines almost eliminate your craving for food, but your body needs calories (energy) to fight the problems that cause pain. If you don't eat due to migraine-induced nausea, your condition may worsen over time.

Even if this does not completely relieve the pain, CBD helps to make other systems in your body normal again.

3) Relaxation

CBD interacts with your brain and body in a way that makes you feel relaxed and calm … even in the face of high stress or physical pain.

This is great news for those who suffer from migraines because the pain you feel in your head is often exacerbated by tension in your body.

By relaxing this tension, CBD helps to alleviate the "vicious circle" of pain-migraine-stress-pain.

CBD for migraines: risks

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<h3 id= 1) Dry mouth

One of the most commonly reported side effects of CBD is dry mouth.

But in a world full of drugs with side effects that are worse than the original problem – severe blisters and peeling skin, loss of smell, memory, unusual urge for sex and gambling (all actual side effects) – a bit dry mouth does not seem like that bad.

2) Possible interference with other drugs

CBD can affect your liver's ability to process other medicines.

So, if you are taking an anti-hypertension medication and one day decide to add CBD to lower your blood sugar, the CBD could neutralize the blood pressure medication (making it ineffective) and have some serious consequences.

Be sure to talk to your doctor about adding CBD to migraines to your daily routine if you are already taking medication for other chronic conditions.

3) Two-phase properties

"Two-phase" means that CBD delivers certain effects at low concentrations, while it gives different effects at high concentrations.

If this seems strange to you, think of alcohol (which is also two-phase). At low concentrations it is a stimulant (Woohoo! Party!). In high concentrations, it is a depressant (zzzzzzzz).

CBD does not work exactly like alcohol – stimulant at one end, depressant at the other – but the effects change with increasing dosage.

Can You Take Too Much CBD?

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<p> Technically, it is possible to take too much CBD for a migraine. However, it is also technically possible to drink too much water … but in both cases you really have to want it. </p>
<p> We are not sure about water, but a high dose of CBD is in the range of 50,000 milligrams. That's 33 tablespoons – just over two measuring cups – pure CBD. </p>
<p> You won't get nearly that amount with any CBD product on the market. </p>
<p> To put this in perspective, an average 180-pound man suffering from severe pain only needs to take 25 milligrams (⅛ teaspoon) to feel relief. That's a long, long way of 50,000 milligrams (0.05 percent, or five ten-thousandths of the total). </p>
<p> And even then, the "overdose" effects might not be that bad. </p>
<p> One user took an extremely high dose of CBD for reasons unrelated to migraines and reported little more than an extreme feeling of drowsiness (which would be a welcome side effect for those who suffer from migraines anyway) . </p>
<p> We don't say it's okay to swallow two cups of CBD. Please do not read this information as a challenge. </p>
<p> We just say that you shouldn't worry if you take too much CBD for your migraines when you first start. </p>
<h2 id= CBD for migraines: use

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<p> There are three basic ways to take CBD: </p>
<li> Rub it on your skin (current) </li>
<li> Smoke it (inhalation) </li>
<li> Eat it (swallowed) </li>
<p> For migraines, the topical application of a CBD product is right out the window. Applying a CBD cream directly to the area where it hurts – on your head – is of no use. </p>
<p> Why? Because your skull is in the way. </p>
<p> To really benefit from the CBD, you need to include it in your bloodstream so that it can circulate to your brain and around your body. </p>
<p> Ingestion and inhalation are your best bets. </p>
<h3 id= Ingestion

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<p> Most medications today come in the form of a pill or liquid that you swallow. The cannabis industry has followed this example to make taking CBD against migraines tastier and more acceptable. </p>
<p> CBD is available in many forms, including: </p>
<p> You can turn pretty much any type of food into an edible CBD food simply by mixing some CBD oil into the recipe. In this article you will find a detailed insight into how CBD honey is made and insights into how other foods are made. </p>
<p> The problem with food is that it takes a relatively long time to act – in some cases an hour or more. </p>
<p> While the effects of food can be more pronounced, you need speed rather than strength in migraines. You want the pain to be gone NOW, less than an hour later. </p>
<p> In addition, foods are extremely difficult to dose, so finding the right amount of tincture or tea to relieve your pain can be a tedious series of trials and mistakes. </p>
<p> That is why most patients with chronic migraines choose the last type of delivery: inhalation. </p>
<h3 id= Inhalation

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<p> Inhaling CBD in migraines includes all methods that require smoke or steam to enter the lungs, including: </p>
<p> One of the things that makes marijuana smoke or vapor inhalation so useful for migraine sufferers is the almost immediate onset of effects. </p>
<p> From the first deep inhalation, it should only take a few seconds before you feel a difference. </p>
<p> If you are concerned about finding the right dose with an inhalation method, we recommend using a one-hitter first. Take a single token, wait about a minute, and then take another hit if necessary. </p>
<p> You can do the same with a joint: hit it, wait, and hit it again. When you find the relief you need, push out the cherry and set the joint aside for later. </p>
<h2 id= CBD for migraines: summary

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<p> One of the many wonderful things about inhaling CBD is that it provides the migraine pain relief you need without the trippy, reality-distorting psychedelic effects of THC. </p>
<p> Another great thing about CBD is that, unlike some medications, it is impossible to take too much, and there are almost no major side effects. </p>
<p> Conclusion: Trying out CBD can't do more harm than migraines do, and it could relieve the pain. </p>
<p> Regardless of whether you choose an inhalable CBD product or an edible CBD product, we recommend that you speak to your doctor and then visit a reputable local pharmacy to find out what they have to offer . The budders there will be happy to show you how to take CBD. </p>
<p> For more information on marijuana and our 100% natural cannabis products, visit today. </p>
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