How do I purchase marijuana? The place can i purchase marijuana?


Your Complete Guide to What to Expect When Buying Marijuana in a Recreational State.

If you live in a legal recreational marijuana state or plan to visit one soon, you may be asking a very common question: How do I buy marijuana?

In this easy-to-understand guide, we prepare you for your first purchase of recreational marijuana and guide you through this relatively simple process.

In which states can I buy recreational marijuana?

With a state ID, state license, or passport showing that you are over 21, you can access legal pharmacies in six of the recreational marijuana states in the United States:

With fully established marijuana recreational programs in these states, pharmacies were given a license to distribute marijuana to all adults.

Maine and Vermont also legalized recreational marijuana. However, there are currently no legal pharmacies approved in these markets, so consumers cannot yet buy marijuana.

Recreational marijuana is legal in Washington DC, but there is no system to buy it. The only way to legally buy marijuana in DC right now is to use a health card. It's illegal to bring marijuana from outside the state and put residents there in a sticky legal gray area.

Can non-state residents buy recreational herbs?

If you are from a state where recreational marijuana is not legal (like Alabama or Idaho) and travel to a state where recreational marijuana is legal (like California or Massachusetts), are you allowed to buy marijuana?

The answer is yes! Cannabis tourism is a growing industry in states across the country, as residents of countries with more restrictive marijuana laws flock to states where marijuana is legal for recreational use so that they can use cannabis products freely without fear of criminal charges, fines or to have other punishments. In some states, there are even marijuana tours where you can see the best pharmacies.

State marijuana laws vary in what is required for people outside the state to buy marijuana. In general, however, all you have to do is find a local recreational pharmacy and show your ID. Once you've done this, you're free to buy a variety of marijuana and cannabis products.

Can non-state residents buy leisure herb and bring it back to their home state?

The answer to the question "Can residents outside the state buy recreational herbs?" is no, they cannot legally.

Anyone who does this violates the law and asks for trouble. While many states have legalized recreational marijuana, it is still illegal nationwide. So if you cross the state border with marijuana, you are technically violating federal law. Even if you bought the marijuana legally in your home country, it is against the law to cross the state borders with marijuana in your person.

This also applies to people moving from one state where recreational marijuana is legal to another state where it is legal, e.g. B. to drive marijuana from California to Oregon. Although marijuana is legal in both California and Oregon, federal law enforcement officers are responsible for cross-border law enforcement and are subject to heavy fines and fines. Regardless of what happens, we recommend that you never cross national borders with marijuana.

Search for a leisure pharmacy

What is the easiest way to find the best cannabis pharmacies to buy marijuana when you are in a legal marijuana recovery state? There are some reliable ways to find nearby businesses, including online directories, local print media, and even traditional marketing. These pharmacies can be stationary shops or delivery services.

You can find pharmacies by location in a number of online directories that maintain a database of cannabis pharmacies. Some of these online services also list the “menu” of a store or the marijuana varieties and products that the pharmacy has in stock.

Leisure pharmacies often advertise either online, in a city's free culture and nightlife magazines, or even on billboards in some markets. Sign moths are also a popular way for pharmacies to get your attention.

States that have legalized cannabis sometimes restrict marijuana companies' use of traditional marketing channels and force pharmacies to get creative with how to reach their potential customers.

Not sure which pharmacy to choose? Users can often rate and review shops in online directories. Many markets also have websites that review marijuana pharmacies and products to give you an idea of ​​where to buy your recreational cannabis.

You can find further information on finding the best pharmacy in your area in our pharmacy guide.

What do I need?

To buy recreational marijuana in a pharmacy, such as buying alcohol, all you need to do is provide proof that you are over 21 years old. You can also use government-issued documents such as a driver's license, government-issued photo ID, or passport. You don't have to be in the state you are in to buy legal recreational marijuana, which opens the door to cannabis tourism.

You also want to make sure you have enough cash to cover your purchase. It is rare for a marijuana pharmacy to accept credit cards, although some do. Most pharmacies that are only available for cash have an ATM on site, but usage fees can be high. Plan ahead, check the online pharmacy menus, and bring enough money to cover your purchase.

 best marijuana delivery "width =" 1200 "height =" 500 "src =" https://767710.smushcdn.com/524910/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/bike - 1.jpg? Lossy = 0 & strip = 1 & webp = 1 "class =" alignnone wp-image-32065 size-full lazyload "/> <img class= While most new users feel like going to a cannabis store when they first decide to buy marijuana, there are actually a few ways you can get your marijuana, including entering Shops. Order your selection before collection and have someone deliver your order. Some stores even offer all three options. Other pharmacies may only exist as a delivery service.

Physical stores are a popular way for many consumers to buy their cannabis products. Customers can see the range of products on sale, check the packaging, smell the different varieties of cannabis flowers and ask as many questions as necessary to find the best products.

over-the-counter shops also offer benefits to those who have no legal marijuana experience and are unsure of what they want. These customers can benefit from a knowledgeable budder who guides them through their numerous choices and helps them go home with the right product.

Some in-store pharmacies also allow customers to call their marijuana order in advance and then pick it up so they can skip the often long queues at some licensed pharmacies. This is helpful if you are in a hurry and already know what you want. As easy as picking up a take-away order: When you pick up your pre-order marijuana, you can get started without waiting.

Finally, some pharmacies offer supplies for those who cannot or do not want to visit a physical store. Orders are called and then brought to your home, office or hotel by a delivery agent. Some delivery customers cannot travel to a stationary pharmacy, others have little time and like the convenience, and some simply enjoy the privacy that delivery offers when visiting a marijuana store.

It is even possible to buy marijuana online or with smartphone apps. With these apps and websites, you can easily place your marijuana order like any online purchase. With some apps, you can even schedule your delivery for delivery in advance if that works best for you.

While all of these methods have their own unique advantages, what is most convenient and convenient for you is probably the best choice. For more information on finding a pharmacy, see our Guide to Pharmacies.

 Buying marijuana in the pharmacy "width =" 1200 "height =" 500 "src =" https://767710.smushcdn.com/524910/wp-content/uploads/2018/07 / MJNA -Blog-Images_1200x500_0000_iStock-913582510-1.jpg? Lossy = 0 & strip = 1 & webp = 1 "class =" alignnone wp-image-32064 size-full lazyload "/> <img class= As soon as you arrive at your pharmacy you will likely be picked up by a security guard at your door. They'll probably want to throw you down with a metal detector. This is not an indication that a business is not safe – it is just a precaution and a necessary reality in a marijuana industry that is still largely cash-based.

As soon as you enter the shop, you have to check in at the reception. You scan your ID. to check your age and then put you on a list to enter the retail space. You will then be directed to wait in the waiting room. Long queues can occur at any time during your visit. As you can imagine, legal cannabis is very popular and there are longer waiting times. Try to plan your visit so that you know you have time.

As soon as you are called into the back room, you can start your shopping experience.

Ordering the delivery

In some markets, it is also possible to order your recreational marijuana products to be delivered to your home. Buying marijuana by delivery is a wise choice if you cannot leave your home, there are no stores nearby, or if you already know what you want and have no questions.

Delivery services can be found in the same way as a physical store. Once you find a delivery service that you would normally like to use, you need to contact the delivery service to place an order. However, smarter services allow ordering by text. Some even have their own smartphone apps or allow you to order online through their website.

Before you place your order, you must select your products from the shop menu. This can be found in directory apps for cannabis companies or sometimes on a shop's own website. Once your order has been placed, waiting times may vary depending on the time of day, distance to shop, etc.

When your order arrives, most drivers will bring the order to your door. In some cases, you will be asked to pick her up from her car instead. Check your order to make sure it is correct before your driver leaves.

 Where to buy marijuana "width =" 2119 "height =" 883 "src =" https://767710.smushcdn.com/524910/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/iStock - 913582530-1-1.jpg? Lossy = 0 & strip = 1 & webp = 1 "class =" alignnone wp-image-32063 size-full lazyload "/> <img class= Marijuana pharmacies offer a wide range of brands and product types to meet the needs of their many customers. Here are some of the products you are likely to find in pharmacies. If this is your first time at the pharmacy, take the time to browse the products and ask questions until you find something that sounds right for you.

flower : The blooming buds of the marijuana plant, marijuana flower, can be smoked in a glass pipe, in a bong or rolled into a joint or stump. It is also possible to vaporize the active ingredients in marijuana flowers using an appropriately equipped evaporator. Marijuana flowers are available in an incredible selection of strains or genetic genotypes. This variety of strains is made possible by crossing different strains, creating new strains with the common characteristics of their parents. Marijuana flower is typically classified as either Indica, Sativa or Hybrid . You can find our list of the most popular marijuana strains here .

Extracts : Marijuana extracts include products such as kief, hashish, oil, marijuana splinters, wax and more. These products try to concentrate the active ingredients in marijuana like its cannabinoids and terpenes into a consumable product. Marijuana concentrates can be dabbed, vaporized, poured into food, or added to the marijuana flower to increase its effectiveness.

Food and Beverages : Using a variety of techniques, companies have infused cannabinoids like THC with food products ranging from brownies and candy to frozen pizza and ice cream. Drinks such as soda, coffee and tea are also available. infused with THC are also available. For more information on food, see our marijuana guide.

Topics : The cannabinoids in cannabis can also be absorbed by the body through the skin. For this reason you will find topically applied products such as balms, lotions, massage oils and even plasters.

Which marijuana product is best suited to your needs?

When it comes to buying marijuana in a recreational pharmacy, the amount of products available for purchase can be overwhelming. Not only are you asked to choose between marijuana flowers, extracts, foods and current products, but there is an apparently endless amount of varieties and brands to choose from. So how do you know which marijuana product is best for your needs?

The first step is to take the time to search available products. A recreational marijuana pharmacy can be stunning at first glance. So take your time to slowly look through all the products on offer. Marijuana products often have information on their labels that give the user more information about the possible effects of the use.

The next step is to ask your budtender all of the questions before buying marijuana. Your budtender is a cannabis expert and can answer a variety of questions about marijuana products and their expected effects. No matter how simple or complex your question is, don't be afraid to ask! Your budtender can help you find a product based on your desired effects, health problems or other requirements. If you ask your buddy a whole series of questions, it will be easier for you to choose between the many products on the pharmacy shelves.

If you need help finding the right type of marijuana product for you and would rather go to a recreational marijuana pharmacy with a product in mind, we’re happy to provide a guide to help you make a purchase decision. Visit our medical marijuana product guide to learn more.

How Much Marijuana Can I Buy?

There are restrictions on how much marijuana and its derived products you can legally buy and own at a given time. These amounts vary by state. Ask your budtender how much marijuana you can buy at the same time.

Most legal recreational states have a cap of one ounce of dried marijuana flower. There are similar caps on how much marijuana concentrate or food you can buy or own. We split the sizes at which marijuana flowers are sold and the typical prices in case you want to learn more.

Find a pharmacy now

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