Greentank's vape positions manufacturers for hashish growth


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<p> As one of the simplest and most convenient forms of consumption, vapes hold a significant share of the cannabis market. It is not difficult to understand why people love them. You can swap your favorite cartridges as often as you want, and it has something to do with having a vape pen in your pocket so you're always ready for your adventures. </p>
<p> With vape technology, there is little room for doubt or error when it comes to building brand trust and a reputation for reliability. People who vape do this because they love the reliable format. A bad battery or poorly performing heating element makes the difference between a vape pen that remains in a drawer and a vape pen that is used wherever the consumer goes. </p>
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Greentank's experienced engineers are constantly developing hardware solutions to improve performance and the user experience.

Cannabis should be grown and extracted by companies that are experts in plant matter. The battery powered device that heats the extracted oil should be developed by a company dedicated to the optimal delivery of the taste and quality of the extracts. Greentank is one such specialist manufacturer.

A partner that drives brands forward

 Greentank vapes on white background

All Greentank hardware combines modern design with revolutionary performance to deliver full-bodied steam and maximum flavor delivery.

The vape industry has seen its ups and downs, but there is no denying that it will stay here. There has always been a race to give vaping consumers what they want, but now it's about looking to the future and not just meeting where they want to be, but where they want to be.

While some brands strive to achieve this as quickly as possible, Greentank works with its partners to achieve this as well as possible, including ideas and concepts that are specific to advance cannabis brands.

Brands like LucidMood work with Greentank not only because of their wide range of slim aesthetics, but also because of their commitment to safety within their innovation and design. In addition to using premium alloys and metals, food grade ceramics, and organic absorbent materials, all products are tested before leaving the facility based on a three-tier quality assurance policy because they simply refuse to compromise on safety.

Greentank helps build a new landscape in which the safety of vapors is embedded in the structure of their partners' products and offers brand loyal customers the certainty of believing in what they breathe.

What it means to be Greentank Made

 Pete Duckett inspects a vape pen with a green tank logo in the background

Pete Duckett, chief engineer at Greentank, has been instrumental in developing some of Dyson's marquee products over the past 16 years.

Greentank recently set up an internal equipment laboratory at its Toronto facility to provide on-site ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) services in a controlled workshop environment. State-of-the-art tool and test equipment enable their customers to quickly prototype and market them quickly.

To achieve their goal of crossing borders, they had to involve experienced engineers and materials scientists to lead the way, including chief engineer Pete Duckett, who has been instrumental in developing several of Dyson's marquee products for the past 16 years .

“At Greentank, we study how people use cannabis and see the real problems people face when vaping. It is important for us to understand these problems first in order to find innovative solutions that improve the performance and user experience of the hardware. Then we can create closer connections between the consumer and the system, ”says Duckett. “Finding the right combination of flow, temperature and time in a consistent and complementary way is key to a great experience. And as always, the health of the user is and remains central to the design of our hardware. "

It turns out that Greentank Made means that every vape they produce is carefully processed and up to date, just like the company itself.

Bringing vape brands to life

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With the most extensive customization options in the industry, Greentank will turn your brand design into reality.

The new reality for vaping is this: Brands have one, maybe two ways to keep track of the consumer (and in the pockets of the consumer). Apart from the unusual functions and illuminated buttons, the device with which you vape has your time, your trust and your user trust.

Cannabis brands don't have much time to figure out what their consumers want because cannabis development is already here. Greentank's commitment to complete customization is an invitation to new partners to think outside the box and inspire their customers with a vape experience they love and remember – and brands with vision, security and Design comes to life.