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If you've never heard of Thai weed, you either haven't smoked cannabis that long or you don't hear a lot of hip-hop.

For example, Prodigy says he lit "Thai Weed" in Mobb Deep's "Give It Up Fast". Tupac in "Outlawz" raps that he will hit "high speed and Thai weed on the highway" while imagining a harrowing escape from his enemies.

woman. Roq and Knoc-Turn & # 39; as hooks on Dr. Dre & # 39; s "Light Speed" describes a wet galactic journey with "Hydro, Doja, Chocolate Thai Weed". And a long time ago, when Eminem was still Slim Shady, in 1999 he knocked on "Any Man" that he was coming "High Speed, IV full of Thai grass".

Alongside gelato, Thai is one of the most frequently cited weed varieties in hip-hop history. In addition to the simple rhyme scheme "Thai Weed", this Asian landrace has a legendary reputation among weed breeders and weed smokers. And for good reason, which we will discuss in more detail below.

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<p> <strong> Yes, Thai weed comes from Thailand </strong> </p>
<p> Cannabis, named for its place of origin, such as Afghani or Thai, are usually landrace varieties. Note that they don't have colorful monikers like "Purple Punch" or "Alaskan Thunderfuck". This is because, as far as we know, landraces are native to their respective regions. </p>
<p> Landrace strains are never the product of a clever plant breeder. </p>
<p> When a plant like cannabis grows in a particular environment for thousands of years, each subsequent generation is better adapted to that environment. When no other weed strains cross-contaminate the landrace's genetics, it develops traits that differentiate it from other strains around the world. And over time, its most stable genes remain firmly in place and are reliably passed on to future crosses bred by the landrace. </p>
<p> If you find a landrace with unique intoxicating effects, incredibly complex aromas, or fascinatingly rich aromas, you've basically found a holy grail of pure weed genetics. Nature designed this weed plant, not a human. </p>
<p> While nowadays almost all weeds in the pot are hybrids, the terms "Indica" and "Sativa" describe landraces exactly. In fact, every landrace is a sativa or an indica. By definition, landraces cannot be hybrids. </p>
<p> In addition, Thailand is one of the most weed-friendly nations in the world. The government openly advocates medical cannabis, in particular. The Thai prime minister recently hit a weed vape pen during a live press conference, and the government is giving free weed oil to its elderly citizens. Thailand is also the first Asian nation to develop its own tribe based on the Thai landrace genetics: Issara 01. </p>
<p> <img alt= Why Thai weeds are responsible for today's cannabis industry

The Thai landrace is a pure sativa. The strain came to the United States in the late 1970s, and at least one weed grower, DJ Short, is recognized for it. According to JD Short & # 39; s son JD Short, the equally legendary variety Blueberry was bred from "Thai, Chocolate Thai, Afghan and Oaxacan". And the real blueberry produced practically every variety called "blue".

But there is more. According to the weed growing place Alchimia, a well-known version of the Haze strain from Thailand was also bred. That is, if you see a "Haze" strain that was crossed by an original Haze, it is likely that it also has the Thai landrace genetics.

According to laboratory data at Leafly, Thai normally boosts about 19 percent THC, which is average. However, there is no terpene profile data as the Thai landrace is an incredibly rare find these days – provided the original is still there. And while everyone reacts differently to weeds, rating aggregates suggest that Thai is an "energizing" smoke. Self-reports often describe its intoxicating effects as "euphoric", "gentle" and "clear" – without the nervousness or fear that Sativa heights can accompany.

Thai weed is also referred to as "Thai stick" because it is the variety used in rolling real Thai sticks, a type of dullness native to Thailand that replaces the Thai weed buds in Thai weed leaves of tobacco leaves wrapped.

If you are ever lucky enough to actually come across a real Thai, also read MERRY JANE's guide to making a Thai stick with it.