The 5 Greatest Dishes and Strains in Netflix & # 39; Cooked with Hashish & # 39;


Where there is weed, there is a company trying to do a show about cooking. Cooked with cannabis, Netflix’s latest attempt to make cannabis-enriched dinner parties exciting.

Each episode of Cooked with Cannabis, which is moderated by singer Kelis, whose milkshake continues to bring all the boys to the yard, and Portland's cook and weed expert Leather Storrs, juxtaposes three cooks in a three-course cannabis cooking competition.

Chefs feed hosts and prominent guests judge dishes with cannabis distillates, terpenes, kief, CBD and of course the most popular, strain-specific butter and oils of all. In the end, the judges choose a cook to send home with $ 10,000.

The best part of the show is how chefs use certain weed varieties for each dish – they're all just delicious. Here are some of my favorite dishes on the show and the varieties from which they were made.

Grilled Sweet Corn Gazpacho & Halibut Ceviche with Mimosa


The main point of the show is to transform the usual edible experience of brownies and gums into a true five-star culinary experience. There are dishes like burgers, tacos and soups that looked like stupid fire, but the most interesting dishes were those like Chef Amanda Jackson's Mimosa infused grilled sweet corn gazpacho & halibut ceviche.

Mimosa is a citrus fruit that gives way to uplifting and euphoric feelings. Cooked with cannabis, it describes as an energetic head up. The variety allowed chef Amanda Jackson to transfer her chemical properties to the dish with THC olive oil mixed with corn gazpacho, smoked halibut ceviche, and grilled vegetables. The bowl contains 3 mg THC.

Can't find mimosa for this recipe? Try Tangie instead.

Black grill surf & lawn with wedding cake

The cooks had a fairly diverse range of varieties to choose from. But since the show was shot in LA, of course wedding cake appeared .

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We know Wedding Cake as this sweet and earthy variety that makes a damn big breakthrough. Chef Harold Sims knows it's the perfect strain to turn into a West Africa-inspired black Surf & Turf grill.

With a ribeye mixed with wedding cake ghee, charred squid, charred vegetables, black BBQ sauce, and chickpea akara, the plate uses 2 mg of THC to give the judges a little high that is great West African taste.

You can probably find wedding cakes anywhere, but if you want to confuse them, try swapping them for some Sherbert .

Smoked Lamb Cutlet & Cous Cous with Watermelon Sangria

 cooked with cannabis


Watermelon Sangria is a variety that is not too well known or documented. While we don't know the genetics or general effects, we know that it was used to prepare one of the most delicious dishes on the entire show.

Chef Derek Upton's smoked lamb chop & cous cous is a beautiful plate made from cannabis leaf smoked lamb, which is marinated in watermelon sangria-enriched butter, cous cous and cannabis leaf smoked paprika with a hearty caramel. The dish contained a total of 2 mg THC.

This is a hard to find strain. So try watermelon kusch if you can't.

Five-cheese macaroni with Blue Dream

It is not a weed show if Blue Dream does not appear. I'm pretty sure this is in the constitution, but you have to look it up to be sure.

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Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant strain that was born and raised in California. It crosses a Santa Cruz Haze with Blueberry to give you a sweet blueberry flavored strain that many are known for its uplifting and euphoric high.

Chef Matthew Chase used Blue Dream when cooking with cannabis to make the dish fascinating for Dante Jordan possible: a macaroni with five types of cheese made from cauliflower, macaroni with five types of cheese, Blue Dream infused butter and an apple garnish.

Most THC-infused dishes on the show hover around 2-3 mg, but chef Matthew Chase packed this with 5 mg for people trying to feel a small amount more than just a full stomach from their weeds Dinner.

Tired of the blue dream? Try Maui Wowie or Strawberry Cough .

Salvadoran short rib pupils with Sour Diesel + Lemon Kush

 cooked with cannabis


Many of Cooked's chefs brought dishes that honor their heritage and showcase their culture.

Chef Manny Mendoza made a plate of Salvadoran short rib dolls with Sour Diesel + lemon kush -fused pineapple and chipotle salsa and a CBD oil poured into it pickled cabbage. It hit Richter with 2 mg THC and 10 mg CBD and made this dish the best of both worlds.

In addition to this dish, chef Mendoza also used Sour Diesel and Lemon Kush to infuse a plate of handmade cannabis chilaquiles. It consisted of tortilla chips with cannabis fan leaves, a garlic cream with sour diesel + lemon kush olive oil and CBD salsa verde.

Of all the chefs and dishes on the show, Chef Manny Mendoza cooked the most impressive 3-course menu.

Some other star tribes shown on the show are:

Check out Cooked with Cannabis on Netflix to see all the other crazy inventions that stoned cooks get into.

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